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EastEnders icon blind-sided as she admits Christmas murder was not who she thought

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Linda checks her phone in EastEnders
Linda is heavily involved in the Christmas day action (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Every EastEnders fan has some idea of who they think may be the body on the floor this Christmas, and we are only days away from finding out if those guesses were correct.

Until not so long ago, The Six had also been kept in the dark, and between them had come up with some theories of their own, as Linda Carter actress Kellie Bright revealed.

‘As I understand there are a lot of theories being thrown around as to who it might be. Up until filming it, I was part of that.

‘So what I can go on, is what it’s been like for us as a cast, and to be honest we haven’t talked about much else for months! So I can only imagine that people who are watching the show are feeling the same way. It’s exciting.’

Kellie and the other stars involved in the huge Christmas Day episode which will see one Walford man killed off have finally found out who is dead and who killed him, and Kellie admits that it wasn’t who she was expecting.

‘I was completely shocked. Completely, completely, shocked. It was not what I thought it was going to be.’

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Linda is set to play a huge part in the murder, and her journey this year has been a rocky one. Since losing Mick last Christmas, Linda has struggled to keep her life on track, and the recent return of Dean Wicks (Matt Di Angelo) has sent her spiralling once more.

‘She’s at breaking point,’ Kellie revealed. ‘It was always going to be a difficult time of year because of what happened last year and now she’s got this added stress which comes in the form of Dean.

‘She knows what he is to her, he is the epitome of a monster, he is a dangerous man and I think as long as he is around she’ll never feel at ease or calm. I think she’s teetering on the edge.’

With Linda at breaking point, there is every chance she could snap and commit murder, but would it necessarily be Dean on the other end of her wrath?

‘Well there’s the obvious one – Dean. She’s had a little run in, in the past with Nish when she was going to sell the pub to him and then she pulled out at the last minute so he did the pub over, but that was quite a while ago. I don’t think she’s got any other major crosses to bare at this point.’

Dean confronts Linda in the Vic behind the bar in EastEnders
Dean’s return has destroyed Linda (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Working on such an iconic storyline has proved incredibly exciting for all involved, but there’s one aspect of it that Kellie has enjoyed more than anything else.

‘The best thing about it has honestly been working with the other women. I’ve loved it, absolutely loved it.

‘I love them all so much, and what’s brilliant, or what I think is brilliant is that we’re obviously all different people, but we’re different actresses also. We all work slightly differently, but we’re all so respectful of each other, and how each other works.

‘I’ve also loved working with people who I very rarely get to work with. I love working with Bal, I get to work with Di sporadically, Tish I obviously work with more, Gilly, she’s just a joy. Jukebox Gilly, and she lives up to her name let me tell you. She’s had us singing most days! And Lacey who I just adore. She’s one of my closest friends and I never get to work with her! So it’s been great.

‘Lauren Klee has written Christmas and I just absolutely love her writing. It felt really lovely that there was a female writer who wrote it for all of us women. I have really, really enjoyed it.’


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