EastEnders Jack death ‘sealed’ as fans say there’s ‘no way back’ after aggressive attack

EastEnders' Jack blackmailed Denise into staying at their family home by using Amy's mental health struggles, leading fans to believe he must be the body on Christmas Day

EastEnders fans have claimed there’s no way back for Jack as he stooped to an all-time low.

During Thursday’s episode (December 21) of the BBC soap, Amy (Ellie Dadd) realised Denise (Diane Parish) was moving out of their home. Unaware of the circumstances between Denise and Jack, Amy lashed out as “the only mum she’s got” was leaving her.

A distressed Amy abruptly left the home before Jack blasted Denise for telling Amy she was moving out without him knowing. They frantically searched for Amy before finding her sobbing in the park.

Asked if she’d self-harmed again, a tearful Amy said she hadn’t but wanted to. Back at the house, Jack teared into Denise for “abandoning her responsibilities” because Amy hadn’t self-harmed.

Amy discovered Denise was moving out
Amy discovered Denise was moving out (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)
Spotting Denise’s suitcase, Jack was baffled at Denise still wanting to leave after seeing Amy in that state. While Denise said Amy was stronger than he thinks, Jack hit back: “If you take your eye off her she’ll end up back in hospital.”

Jack demanded: “You can get that unpacked” before emptying the contents of Denise’s suitcase out on the kitchen floor. Denise insisted she couldn’t live with the lies, while he claimed there were no more as he confessed to sleeping with someone.

Jack teared into Denise for wanting to leave
Jack teared into Denise for wanting to leave (Image: BBC)

“I need to get away from you,” Denise shouted as Jack replied: “But what do they need? What do I need? It’s not all about you.” Denise began to sob as she admitted Jack was beginning to scare her. But he carried on shouting as he questioned who could abandon their family at Christmas.

“I won’t have it,” Jack demanded. “You’re staying here.” Pointing in Denise’s face, Jack then issued a chilling threat. “If you walk out of here and anything happens to her, I will never forgive you.” Fans raced to social media to speculate Jack being the body on Christmas Day. One wrote: “Jack guilt tripping Denise because of Amy’s self harm to stay together is so so wrong.”

Denise was forced to stay with Jack
Denise was forced to stay with Jack (Image: BBC)

A second added: “I don’t know how Jack comes back from this?” as another penned: “I’d be fine with jack being the body after this.” A fourth shared: “Jack using his daughter to guilt trip Denise! He’s the lowest of the low.”

Someone else echoed: “Both denise and jack have done wrong but jack’s gaslighting is beyond disgusting. if he was a good enough dad, he wouldn’t need denise to pick up the pieces.” Another viewer agreed: “Jack is becoming more and more to me the body at Christmas With these rants.”

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