EastEnders: Jay’s Life Takes A Shocking New DARK Turn

Lola Pearce’s death was perhaps one of the most heartbreaking storylines of EastEnders. Our heart still aches at the thought of it. Thus, it is imaginable how wrecking it must be for her husband, Jay Brown. He is still struggling to cope with life without Lola after four months of her passing. Going by how he is spiraling downwards it can be seen that it is an uphill battle. Now, the latest spoilers for the BBC One soap reveal that Jay’s life is going to take yet another startling turn.

Recently, Jay struck a friendship with a stranger named Nadine on EastEnders. She bares a striking resemblance to his wife, maybe that’s why she caught his attention. But as their friendship progressed, some very dangerous signs are surfacing. Which can significantly damage Jay’s already in shambles life. In one of the latest episodes, Jay found Ketamine in Nadine’s bedside table. Upon asking, she told him that it helps her cope. Moreover, she pushed him that using it could help him too. Thus, started Jay’s tryst with drugs.

EE/ Jay and Nadine

During a recent media interactions, actor Jamie Borthwick (Jay) stated that he is thrilled to be able to portray Jay’s grief on-screen. “He does go to two or three dark places on EastEnders,” Jamie admitted. Furthermore, he said that it had been quiet for him on the soap for sometime. However, the impact of Lola’s passing will continue to have an impact on him for months to come. He hinted that a very hard hitting storyline is about to unfold on EasEnders.

Perhaps in connection to the drug use that Jay has been dabbling in alongside Nadine. Interestingly, Jay and Callum have both now found out about his drug use. Thus, they are insisting that he get counselling. But will Jay really agree to get the help that he needs on EastEnders? Or will we first see the harrowing impact that substance abuse can have on people and their relationship in it’s fullest effect. Well, we will have to wait and find out. But this much is sure that some really impact scenes await us ahead.

EE/ Callum and Ben confront Jay

Jamie Borthwick recently bagged the Best Actor Award at the Inside Soaps Award for his EastEnders performance. In fact, he was not the only star from the BBC One soap to win an award. Danielle Harold won Best Actress for playing Lola Pearce. Meanwhile, little Isabella Brown won an award for playing Lexi! TV Season & Spoilers would like to congratulate them all for their well deserving victory! Stay tuned to TV Season & Spoilers for more EastEnders updates on Jay’s future!

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