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EastEnders: Karen and Mitch get their happy ending in triumphant exit and fans are thrilled

Karen and Mitch get their happily ever after

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Karen and Mitch holding hands on EastEnders against soap logo and background (Credit: BBC/Composite: ED!)

Fans of EastEnders have been left thrilled following tonight’s episode of the soap, which saw Karen Taylor and Mitch Baker make their exit from the Square.

It was touch-and-go there for a while, with Sharon threatening to call the police and Phil demanding his £50k in ransom money back from Karen.

Karen looks upset on EastEnders
Karen decided to flee Walford (Credit: BBC)

Karen and Mitch flee the Square as Keanu throws his mum under the bus

This followed the revelation that Karen had faked Albie’s kidnapping. As Phil found evidence of what she and Keanu had done, she took the blame – while Keanu threw her under the bus.

Panicked, Karen packed her things and prepared to leave with the kids in tow. After a pep talk from Rocky and Harvey, Mitch decided to join Karen in her plot to escape.

Mitch looking worried on EastEnders
Mitch decided to follow Karen out of Walford (Credit: BBC)

Taking Phil’s £50k, Karen, Mitch and the kids fled – leaving Phil apoplectic with rage and Keanu in shock.

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As Mitch’s van roared out of Walford, Julia’s theme played over the credits – a softer version of the tune, usually reserved for sadder or more bittersweet moments in the show.

Mitch, Karen and the kids driving in his van
Karen and Mitch got their happily ever after (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans rejoice as Karen and Mitch escape Walford

As the episode aired, fans took to Twitter (now X) to share their reactions to Karen’s exit.

“Happy that Karen got her happy ending with Mitch and the kids… she deserves it. Keanu’s the one that needs to suffer on the Square,” wrote one viewer.

“I’m shocked Mitch left too. I thought it’d just be Karen but that was a sweet ending and the Julia’s theme made it even better,” said another.

“Awww I’m so glad Karen Taylor got the Julia’s theme exit. She really did everything she could for her kids!” wrote another.

“Karen and Mitch made it through!!Honestly their exit was still bittersweet even though it was dodging Phil. I’m definitely going to miss the Taylors together. Well at least we still have Keanu and Bernie,” a fourth viewer said.

Are you happy with Karen and Mitch’s escape?

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