EastEnders’ Karen star ‘likes’ posts slamming soap after ahead of brutal axe

EastEnders star Lorraine Stanley, who plays Karen, isn't intending on leaving Walford without a splash, as she's liked an array of interesting tweets, slamming the show over her departure

With EastEnders fan favourite Karen, set to leave the show in a shocking twist, viewers aren’t happy – and it doesn’t seem Lorraine is either.

In an interesting turn of events, showcasing her disappointment with the decision to axe her, the 47-year-old, has headed to social media, and she’s not held back. Without a care in the world, she’s liked several tweets putting the BBC on trial.

The mother of six, who exploded onto our screens six years ago, has had an eventful time in Walford. From money struggles to her rollercoaster relationship with Mitch Baker, she certainly hasn’t been short of entertaining storylines.

Alas, for her legions of fans, her time on the show is sadly coming to an end. And it’s fair to say it’s rendered Lorraine devastated.

Lorraine Stanley is not happy that Karen is getting the chop
Lorraine Stanley is not happy that Karen is getting the chop (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes)

In an interview with The Sun, the popular performer confessed that the news to get rid of her character left her devastated. However, having now accepted the decision, she’s excited for the next chapter of her career.

She said: “I was sad; it was a mix of emotions. it’s sad, but it’s exciting as now I can go and do what I want.”

But while she claims to have come to terms with the verdict, her social media tells a different story. Showcasing her fury, she headed to Twitter and liked a series of tweets slamming the BBC for cutting her loose.

Lorraine Stanley is leaving EastEnders in dramatic fashion
Lorraine Stanley is leaving EastEnders in dramatic fashion

One tweet read: “I can’t believe they are getting rid of Karen. She’s comedy gold,” while another read: “I hate the way they’re making Karen so ridiculous.”

Lorraine liked another tweet that indicated that a change in attitude for the character prompted the exit: “They’ve switched the vibe of your character from someone we loved the energy of to someone that we can’t stand to hear moan anymore.”

Exhibiting that she wasn’t a huge fan of the writing, she liked a post slating creative decisions made about her relationship with her on-screen son. The tweet read: “Absolutely ludicrous, poor Danny Walters came back for this? He was saying he hoped Sheanu got married. Even Lorraine Stanley is being thrown under the bus with it.”

Sharon and Karen did not get along
Sharon and Karen did not get along (Image: PA)

From arguments with Sharon Watts to swinging a baseball bat at Gary Atkins, Karen is sure to be missed, and Lorraine hopes the door will be left open for a return, claiming: “I can’t say too much, but if they kill me, then I would never watch EastEnders again.”

Alas, it appears that bosses are uninterested in her desires as the rumour mill is rife with speculation that she’s going to perish in an upcoming fire storyline. However, the producers are trying to maintain an element of secrecy.

An insider told The Sun: “Bosses are staying tight-lipped about who’s behind the attack and who is left fighting for their lives, but viewers can expect lots of drama as the storyline unfolds on-screen and the residents of Walford deal with the fallout of the event.”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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