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EastEnders’ Karen star swoons over on-screen family member as she shares ‘love’ after exit

Lorraine Stanley - who is best known for her role as Karen Taylor - has gushed over her former co-star on Twitter, writing "I love you so much" after her shocking departure from the BBC soap

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Ex-Eastenders star Lorraine Stanley could resist leaving a gushy comment on her former co-star’s social media post.

The actress, 47, had her attention peaked after her former acting peer Clair Hayley Norris who plays alter ego Bernadette Taylor took to the platform X (formerly Twitter), to share her thoughts on this weeks “bittersweet episodes”. Of which she referenced Lorraine’s former character Karen Taylor.

Clair penned: “This week of eps have been so bittersweet, I loved filming these scenes and getting back to the heart of why the Taylor’s were created yet having to say goodbye to the core of who there are. Karen & Mitch and the kids who are now nearly taller than me.”

She added: “The gritty, chaotic, dysfunctional, brash but loving, humbling, would give their last quid even when needing it the most, Family. The kind of family we all know and can relate to. The ones judged too quickly.”

Lorraine gushed over a co-star's post
Lorraine gushed over a co-star’s post (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)Lastly signing off with: “Lou & Rog – The 19-year-old girl with no experience, who hadn’t set foot on a set, got to learn from the best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

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Having digested Clair’s praiseful comments, Lorraine followed up with: “I love you so much.” Fan’s lunged beneath to bid the actress farewell, as they added: “Gonna miss Karen and Mitch. A great family in the show. Good luck to them both. At least the door is still open,” and “Will miss the Baker-Taylors.”

Clair spoke about a "bittersweet" week of episodes
Clair spoke about a “bittersweet” week of episodes (Image: Twitter)

Last week, Lorraine found herself at the centre of TV news after she confirmed her contract had not been renewed by BBC. She would therefore be leaving the soap in a shocking exit.

After seven-years with EastEnders, the soap star recently explained on Instagram that finding work has not been easy. With Lorraine now scouting out new potential jobs or facing up to being without work.

Lorraine has been finding it hard to find work again after confirming her contract with the BBC soap had not been renewed
Lorraine has been finding it hard to find work again after confirming her contract with the BBC soap had not been renewed (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

At the moment, Karen Taylor is still on screens but with Lorraine’s job hunting kicking up a gear in recent weeks there has been much speculation that she could be about to make dramatic exit this Christmas.

Taking to social media, Lorraine made a makeshift audition room alongside that included a chair surrounded by professional lighting equipment, with this image she penned: “Self tape setup in the loft, I’m so not technical but I’m proud I’ve managed to set it up all by myself, with advice on equipment by @_zack_morris.”

She added: “Just finished one and its hard work..,” along with telling her followers that she’d been “highly critical” after “struggling” with having to audition for new jobs, following a lengthy project. Lorraine said: “I’ll get there, it’s a struggle watching yourself back & not being highly critical on yourself… just let it go & send it.”

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