EastEnders’ Keanu and Karen make shock new move in Albie kidnap story

Have they been caught out?

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders‘ Keanu Taylor will make a risky new move after kidnapping his son Albie.

Upcoming scenes will see Keanu stage a kidnap of the youngster, alongside his mum Karen, determined to stop Sharon from leaving the country.

As the search for Albie continues in Walford, Sharon hides the fact that she has received a ransom note, demanding £50,000 for Albie’s safe return.

With Sharon continuing to fear for Albie’s safety, she eventually reveals all to Kat and Phil, who agree to lend Sharon the money to pay the kidnapper.

Karen fumes at Keanu over the latest development and worries about the consequences of the fake kidnapping. They later secretly drop a second ransom note detailing a time and location for the cash.

Sharon reasons they must go along with the kidnapper’s wishes, fearing they’ll hurt Albie if they don’t.

sharon watts, linda carter, keanu taylor, eastenders

Phil steps in and suggets he’ll drop the money himself, giving him a chance to deal with with the low life who took Albie at the same time.

Panicked, Keanu tries to change his mind and convinces everyone to let him go instead.

keanu taylor, phil mitchell, sharon watts, eastenders

Phil insists on going with him and Sharon agrees, leaving Keanu fearing that his actions are about to be rumbled.

With their plan falling apart, Keanu and Karen are consumed with worry as they try to find a way to return Albie to Sharon without anyone discovering their involvement.

Sharon later receives a text from Karen via Keanu’s burner phone requesting a drop off the £50,000 at the park at midday – but insisting it must be done alone.

keanu taylor and karen taylor in eastenders
Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron//BBC

Keanu makes another attempt to convince Sharon to let Karen go instead, implying that Albie might get hurt if Phil goes in heavy handed.

Sharon eventually relents and Karen later meets Kandice’s husband Malcom at the park to retrieve Albie.

She attempts to act normal for fear she’ll blow her cover, but will her and Keanu’s plan be rumbled?

karen taylor in eastenders
Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron//BBC

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