EastEnders Keanu’s body ‘to be dug up by one of The Six’ in big twist – and it’s not Denise

EastEnders' Denise was stopped by the rest of The Six as she tried to dig up Keanu's body after realising her necklace is with him - but fans reckon someone else will dig him up

EastEnders fans reckon it will be one of The Six that digs up Keanu Taylor’s dead body in a huge twist – and it’s not Denise.

The bad boy was killed off at Christmas by Linds Carter, and the rest of The Six were forced to bury him under Kathy’s Beale’s cafe. However, one of The Six, Denise has been left horrified after releasing her necklace is buried with him.

Panicked, during Thursday’s episode (January 11) she begged the rest of The Six to di

Now, fans reckon it’ll be alcoholic Linda Carter who digs up Keanu’s body whilst drunk – and fans say this echoes an iconic storyline from back in the day. On X, formerly known as Twitter, one person said: “Imagine a drunk Linda digging up Keanu on Elaine and George’s wedding day.”

Denise was adamant to dig Keanu up
Someone else is convinced it’ll echo the storyline in 2006 that saw Sam Mitchell dig up Dirty Den. They said: “I think one of ‘The Six’ (probably Linda) will do a Sam Mitchell and dig up the body like what happened to Dirty Den.”

A third quipped: “Putting money on it now, Linda will go on a mad one drunk and dig Keanu’s body up like Sam did with Den.”

Fans reckon Linda will dig Keanu up and crack

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Near the end of the episode, Denise headed over the cafe to attempt to dig Keanu up. The rest of The Six soon turned up – but Denise as wrong in thinking they were there to help.

Kathy ended up blackmailing Denise. She said that she would dig up Keanu herself and blame it all on Denise, if she was to carry on acting with how she has been.

Keanu was killed at Christmas by Linda

Viewers watching the soap at home were left stunned at the blackmail and how the ladies have turned on Denise. One person on X, penned: “Poor Denise!

Someone else added: “Not #TheSix wanting to throw Denise under the bus when up untill now she’s remained the most composed. I get why Kathy was giving Denise “Tough Love”. All the Six have made sacrifices and one wrong move could bring all of #TheSix down.”

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