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EastEnders legend gets new love interest as she plans her exit – but is everything as it seems?

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SHARON Watts and Keanu Taylor’s engagement ended in a row after it was revealed she helped Peggy Jr. leave the Square.

The EastEnders icon played by Letitia Dean gets a promising new love interest. But could he be hiding something from her?

Sharon Watts gets a new love interest

Sharon Watts gets a new love interestCredit: BBC
But could Dorian be keeping something from her?

But could Dorian be keeping something from her?Credit: BBC
Will Sharon really leave the Square?

Will Sharon really leave the Square?Credit: BBC

The blonde bombshell has gone through a series of changes in recent scenes of the BBC One soap.

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After asking for his hand in marriage, Sharon decided to give up on her relationship with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) and both have decided to remain in touch only to co-parent their son Albie.

Sharon is one of Walford’s longest-standing residents as she has remained in the Square since 1985.

Could she be in the mood to turn over a new leaf?

This seems likely as, in scenes airing this week, Sharon is excited by flirty boxing promoter Dorian’s (Luke J. I. Smith) overtures and agrees to have a drink with him in The Vic to talk business.

Despite Sharon’s misgivings over his messy antics lately, she lets Keanu look after Albie while she goes out but he’s rattled to see her all dolled up.

Over their drink, Dorian tells Sharon there’s a job for her in Abu Dhabi, and she should jump at the chance, leaving her tempted.

This wouldn’t be the first time Dorian throws the offer at Sharon but will she really go for it?

In later scenes, Keanu is less than impressed to see Dorian give Sharon flowers and a kiss on the cheek.

He decides to take Albie out for the day without running it by her, and his mother Karen (Lorraine Stanley) takes great delight in refusing to tell Sharon where they’ve gone.

Later, Sharon storms over and threatens to call the police if Keanu and Albie don’t return soon.

Keanu arrives back in the nick of time, and a big row ensues as Sharon demands to know where they’ve been.

After their row, Keanu apologises to Sharon, but she insists they need a third-party arbitrator when they discuss Albie’s childcare arrangements.

Keanu, flanked by Karen, then meets with Sharon and her solicitor, and she drops a bombshell.

How will the hunk react to her announcement?

Could Dorian have sinister intentions for Sharon?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Tensions arise with her former fiancé Keanu Taylor

Tensions arise with her former fiancé Keanu TaylorCredit: BBC
And his mother Karen gets involved

And his mother Karen gets involvedCredit: BBC

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