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EastEnders legend Letitia Dean shocks as she addresses the murder of Phil Mitchell

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Phil Mitchell and Sharon Watts against a black background with orange smoke in EastEnders
Could Phil be the body? (Picture: BBC)

Every day we get closer to finding out which man is set to be the body on the floor on Christmas Day, and each episode of EastEnders throws up new theories and hints for us to dissect.

With The Six now fully aware of who the body is, and whodunnit, they have had the difficult job of keeping it to themselves – which can’t have been easy, given how shocking actress Letitia Dean found the truth.

‘I was not expecting it, and I don’t think any of us were!’ She revealed. ‘I’m excited to see how it will play out as I think the viewers are going to love it.

‘Although, it was easier not knowing as now I’m scared to open my mouth in case I say something I shouldn’t!’

Sharon Watts is central to the Christmas Day murder, given that she is the one to confirm that the man is dead, but could the body be related to her in some way?

Letitia explained that there are two men in the frame relating to Sharon – Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) – and she thinks that they should both be watching their backs…

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Viewers will know that Keanu staged the kidnapping of son Albie last month, but allowed mum Karen (Lorraine Stanley) to take the blame, leading to her exit from Walford.

Sharon and Keanu wedding in EastEnders
Could Keanu face the wrath of The Six? (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

But, if Sharon were to find out the truth, could Keanu end up on the Queen Vic floor?

‘Keanu obviously isn’t the man Sharon thinks he is and although she is wracked with guilt over Albie’s paternity she has no idea he is keeping this massive secret,’ Letitia explained.

‘Family is everything to Sharon, and the idea that Keanu would purposely play with her emotions in such a cruel way would absolutely break her. I don’t think she could forgive him for that.

‘And then there’s Phil…’

As Letitia mentioned, Sharon has a secret of her own: The fact that Albie is actually Phil’s biological son. What could this mean for her former flame?

‘Say what you like about their dysfunctional relationship, but through all of their ups and down over the years, they have always had each other’s backs so it is tearing her apart that she is betraying him over Albie and we all know how Phil can react when he’s burnt by those closest to him.

‘Phil will do anything for his kids, as will Sharon, so it could be disastrous for them both if the truth were to ever come out.’

Whether the victim is Phil, Keanu or someone else entirely remains to be seen, but it’s safe to say that this storyline has been as much of a hit with the stars as it has the fans.

‘It’s been brilliant,’ Letitia enthused. ‘We’re all so thrilled at the reaction, and it’s great fun to read all of the theories. Some of them have even changed my mind over the course of the year!’

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