EastEnders: Max Branning needs to return to soap, fans beg

Lauren is yet to tell Max about Annie

EastEnders' Max Branning, the background of the Thames

Last night in EastEnders (Tuesday, January 9), Linda allowed for Lauren to meet her little sister, Annie, after she confronted her.

Lauren then reassured Linda that she’d not tell Max about Annie unless she happened to see him.

With Lauren referencing Max, fans of the soap are now begging that the character returns to the show.

EastEnders' Linda is holding Annie whilst speaking to Lauren
Lauren met her little sister (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Lauren met Annie

Yesterday’s episode of EastEnders saw Lauren confront Linda over Annie being her sister.

Lauren was furious when she found out that Linda had been hiding Annie’s paternity from her, with Max not knowing that Annie was his.

As Linda invited Lauren to see Annie, the sisters enjoyed getting to know each other.

Lauren then understood that Max had done some bad things and that Linda had a lot going on right now. Therefore, she would keep Annie a secret from him.

However, should she see Max at any point, she wouldn’t be able to keep the truth from him.

EastEnders' Max is serious
Fans miss Max (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans desperate for Max to make a soap comeback

Now that Max has been mentioned, and with Lauren knowing who Annie’s father actually is, fans think that now would be the perfect time for the character to return. They’re begging for his comeback to be on the cards.

One fan asked: “Can EastEnders stop edging me with the Max Branning mentions every 30 seconds? I can’t cope, bring him back now.”

Another person agreed and said: “Need Max back in the Square.”

A third viewer commented: “Max Branning – the stage is set. All we do now, is wait…”

EastEnders' Max is serious
Will Lauren tell Max the truth? (Credit: BBC)

Will Max Branning return to Walford?

Lauren promised Linda that she’ll keep the truth a secret from Max unless she happens to see him in person.

However, will she stick to her word? Or, will she tell Max about Annie and prompt him to return back for his daughter?

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