EastEnders: Nish Puts Suki Through A Really Disturbing Scene

It is no secret that Nish Panesar can be extremely vile on EastEnders. He has a history of being overly controlling and abusive of his wife Suki. It was this toxic relationship that had previously driven Suki into Eve Unwin’s arms. Unfortunately, Suki had to call it off due to her son Vinny’s erratic and threatening behaviour. Although, the latest scenes that played out on the October 17, 2023, episode of the BBC One soap give us a feeling that Suki may soon have reasons to revisit her past affair with Eve!

Currently, on EastEnders, Suki is involved in a heated storyline with Ravi Gulati and Nugget. When Suki found out that Ravi was responsible for Ranveer’s death, and Kheerat had taken the fall for nothing, she was shook. Suki retaliated by telling Ravi’s truth to his son Nugget. Post which the young lad ran away from home. In the recent episode, Suki confided in Nish that she feels that Denise is telling the truth. However, he was not ready to accept that his son is a murderer.

EE/ Suki confronts Ravi

Thus, in a really eerie and menacing scene, Nish tightly gripped Suki’s neck on EastEnders. Then coerced her into admitting that Kheerat indeed is Ranveer’s killer. Scared for her life, Suki saw no choice but to comply. Shaking, she agreed that Kheerat is the killer and she will not be pursuing any legal actions against Ravi. Later, when the family manages to bring Nugget home, he demands answers from his father. However, Ravi denies everything. Suki then lies to Nugget that Ravi is innocent and she was acting out only because she was missing her son Kheerat.

EE/ Nish attacks Suki

But for how long can Suki stay bullied into denying the truth to herself on EastEnders. She knows what Ravi did and now Kheerat is suffering the consequences of it. Moreover, Nish has once again proved that he cannot be trusted, and that she will never be safe with him. Will this all ultimately lead her back to Eve? Suki may never have taken a stand for herself, but this time it is about her son. The same son who sacrificed himself to save her from a life of prison. And if there is one person who can support her through all this, especially emotionally, it is Eve.

Interestingly, during some media interactions earlier this year, both, Balvinder Sopal (Suki) and Heather Peace (Eve) had hinted that there is more to come in their story. Does that mean we are heading towards an Eve and Suki reunion? What do you say? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile,

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