EastEnders Nish ‘rumbled’ as Xmas victim – all the hints from Suki ‘clue’ to cufflinks theory

Walford villain Nish Panesar stands out as a top contender to become the Christmas casualty on EastEnders - let's delve into why he could find himself on the Queen Vic's floor

Nish Panesar seems to have emerged as the prime candidate to bite the dust in EastEnders on Christmas Day.

The Walford villain may meet a grisly end when one or more of The Six wreak havoc at the Queen Vic. Since his dramatic return, Nish has plunged Walford into chaos with his shady business dealings and his tumultuous relationship with wife Suki.

Fresh out of the slammer for his murder conviction, Nish has made a lot enemies in the East End and this alone could be enough to seal his fate. But he’s also connected to the infamous cufflinks who have fallen into the hands of multiple Walford men after Alfie and Billy peddled them to Square residents.

These cufflinks originally belonged to none other than Nish himself, lost in a high-stakes poker showdown with Rocky. Even Nish actor Navin Chowdhry even fuelled the theory.

Nish Panesar has emerged as the prime candidate to bite the dust in EastEnders on Christmas day
Nish Panesar has emerged as the prime candidate to bite the dust in EastEnders on Christmas Day (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron/Matt Burlem)
He told Daily Mirror: “I am aware that Nish is the number one contender to die at Christmas. “I think the main clue is to follow the cufflinks. There’s some stuff we filmed recently about the cufflinks so look out for that and follow the cufflinks.”

In a pivotal scene, Nish hands over the cufflinks to Rocky, who then passes them on to Jack. Ultimately, Phil Mitchell dons the fateful accessory for his wedding day.

Nish lost the cufflinks in a poker game with Rocky

But only time will tell if they circle back to Nish’s grasp before the holiday season. Speculation is running rampant, especially after a jaw-dropping trailer clue that sent shockwaves through fans.

In the flash forward trailer shown back in Februrry, Kathy looks at Suki, who sits over the body and looks absolutely shocked. This could also suggest that Nish is the dead body as she appears to be emotionally connected to the victim.

Nish originally had the cufflinks

Nish is arguably the most despised man among the women of Walford. Suki is chomping at the bit to rid herself of her troublesome spouse, yearning for a future with her lover, Eve. She’s been haunted by Eve’s baffling disappearance, terrified that Nish will eventually quash her dreams of happiness.

(Image: BBC1)

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Stacey, too, is hell-bent on vengeance, holding Nish responsible for Eve’s vanishing act. Kathy’s blood boils as well, given Nish’s ill-intentions with her beloved café, with plans to bulldoze it into a housing development. Kathy’s fury knows no bounds, leaving us all to wonder if she’s ready to go to war to safeguard her cherished business.

With so many enemies in Walford, including his own estranged wife, it seems Nish could be the one who meets a grisly end. But we won’t find out until Christmas Day…

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