EastEnders Phil secret love child riddle leaves fans gobsmacked after shock DNA twist

EastEnders' Sharon Watts was left utterly stunned when she was told that Keanu Taylor can't be the biological father of Albie, meaning it is most likely her ex Phil Mitchell

EastEnders dropped a huge bombshell as Sharon Watts discovered that Keanu Taylor is not the biological father of Albie.

During Wednesday’s (November 15) instalment of the BBC soap, Sharon (Letitia Dean) was still worried after she received a call from the hospital requesting an urgent appointment to discuss Albie’s test results. Sharon decided to start the appointment with the doctor when Keanu (Danny Walters) was late to the hospital.

She was told that Albie has a rare genetic disease called Alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency (AATD), meaning he could have a predisposition to liver and lung disease later in life. Despite the risk, the doctor reassured Sharon that it wasn’t anything serious, noting that many people who suffer with AATD don’t even know they have it.

He went on to explain that for a child to have AATD, both parents must be carriers of the gene. Assuming they both carry the gene, Sharon agreed that she and Keanu would both do the test to gain more information.

Sharon discovered that Keanu is not Albie's biological father
Sharon discovered that Keanu is not Albie’s biological father (Image: BBC)When the results came back, the doctor confirmed that Sharon carries the gene, however, Keanu does not. As Keanu missed the earlier appointment, he was blissfully unaware of what the doctor was implying.

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Suggesting Keanu leave the room, Sharon continued the conversation with the doctor. Alone, Sharon’s world was turned upside down as the doctor confirmed there is no way Keanu can be Albie’s biological father.

Albie has a rare genetic disease
Albie has a rare genetic disease (Image: BBC)

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When asked if there was anyone else who was around at the time Sharon fell pregnant, she gazed out the window. Outside stood with Keanu and Albie was Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), with Sharon coming to the realisation that her ex is most likely Albie’s real father.

Fans were shocked by the bombshell and raced to social media to share their thoughts. “Don’t tell me that Phil is the father…i did not see that coming!” said one fan.

Sharon suggested that Phil is Albie's father
Sharon suggested that Phil is Albie’s father (Image: BBC)

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“I’m screaming! So PHIL might be Albies Dad!!” penned a second. a third added: “NOT PHIL BEING ALBIES DAD AFTER EVERYTHING, omfg that doof doof…” while a fourth joked: “Phil’s collecting kids like Pokémon cards at this point”

Elaine and George were shocked to discover that Cindy had slept the night at The Vic following her fallout with Ian. Anna doted on Cindy but soon kicked her out when she later learned the truth from Bobby, who revealed the true version of events.

Cindy had headed to The Vic after Ian and Kathy refused to let her see Peter, but when Kathy arrived for round two, she retreated to No.45 for some peace. Later, George arrived with news about Peter – the hospital was going to try and wake him up.

EastEnders airs Monday to Thursday on BBC One at 7.30pm

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