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EastEnders rapist Dean Wicks get devastating news about daughter Jade

Dean Wick's daughter Jade Green suffers from a dangerous illness.

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AFTER making an unexpected return to Albert Square, Dean Wicks was hopeful to form a bond with Jade Green.

Sadly, the EastEnders rapist played by Matt Di Angelo gets a devastating update on his ill long-lost daughter’s health.

Dean has been hopeful to reconnect with Jade Green

Dean has been hopeful to reconnect with Jade GreenCredit: BBC
But the teen is severely ill

But the teen is severely illCredit: BBC
The villain is heartbroken when he gets an update on her health

The villain is heartbroken when he gets an update on her healthCredit: BBC

Fifteen-year-old Jade Green (played by Elizabeth Green who took over the role after Amaya Edward) rocked up Walford and reconnected with her father Dean Wicks.

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The evil rapist wreaked havoc upon his return as he was revealed to be Cindy Beale’s new business partner.

Desperate for a peaceful fresh start in Walford and a bond with Jade, Dean tried to keep Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) quiet about their past and denies he has ever raped her to this day.

Unfortunately, Dean’s past has caught up with him and made things complicated with Jade.

In upcoming scenes due to air on BBC One, however, Dean gets news from the teenager.

He’s over the moon as well as stunned when the phone call from the hospital tells him about a transplant for Jade.

Gina Knight (Francesca Henry) congratulates him for the good news.

But the joy and relief are short-lived for Dean.

In later scenes, Dean drowns his sorrows after Jade’s transplant is called off.

He then gets food for thought following a conversation with Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) about forgiveness.

Rocky pulled off a vile scheme when he set his wife Kathy Beale’s café on fire in an attempt to get his hand on the insurance money.

What advice will he give Dean?

What will Dean decide to do as a result?

Could he come clean about his terrible actions with Linda?

Regular viewers of the London-based program will remember that Jade is suffering from cystic fibrosis, “an inherited condition that causes sticky mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive system”, according to the NHS.

This can cause a series of lung infections which could, eventually, become fatal for the patient.

While a lung transplant is a high-risk and complex procedure, it could be life-changing for someone suffering from cystic fibrosis as its aim would be to give the patient a better quality of life.

But could it be too late for Jade?

As Christmas and this year’s murder mystery are fast approaching, many soap fans have speculated that Dean Wicks could be killed off.

One theory went a step further, adding the possibility that Jade may be given her father’s lungs, thus tying every loose end possible to finally bring closure to Linda Carter, who Dean raped in 2014.

Could they be on to something?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Dean has been denying he raped Linda

Dean has been denying he raped LindaCredit: BBC
But could he have a crisis of conscience?

But could he have a crisis of conscience?Credit: BBC

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