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EastEnders shock as Phil Mitchell exposes Karen Taylor for sick crime

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EASTENDERS fans are in shock after Phil Mitchell exposed Karen Taylor for Albie’s kidnapping.

The hardman – who is played by actor Steve McFadden in the BBC soap – finally got the proof he needed to show that Karen was behind Albie being snatched and held to ransom.

Phil exposed Karen in front of the whole pub

Phil exposed Karen in front of the whole pubCredit: BBC
What will Karen do now her crime has been revealed?

What will Karen do now her crime has been revealed?Credit: BBC

He learned Karen had cash hidden in her flat and went to check it out himself but came into a problem.

With Tara Misu facing down Phil Mitchell and sending him on his way, Phil had to get inventive.

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He sent Tommy in in his place and he managed to convince Felix that he was there to visit Bailey and Mack.

But once upstairs Tommy faked feeling ill so he could get into the bathroom and then he made his way into Karen’s bedroom.

Searching high and low he found the back stuffed full of cash.

Grabbing a handful, he slipped by Felix and ran back to Phil who quickly checked the notes to find the marks he’d put on them.

Furious Phil went over to the Vic to confront Karen – and he exposed her in front of everyone.

He told Sharon: “We need to talk about Albie.”

As she asked if everything was OK, Phil got louder and turned to Karen and Keanu.

“Everything always was alright, wasn’t it?” he said.

“Apart from scumbags and con artists trying to pull the wool over our eyes. How can you use a little kid in a sick scam like that?”

Sharon demanded to know what he was talking about and he said: “Ask her why she’s got fifty grand of my money, the fifty grand I paid to get Albie back.

“Ask her why she’s got fifty grand of my money hidden under her bed.”

Karen was speechless at the accusation in front of everyone in the Vic.

Fans are in shock.

One wrote: “So glad Karen has been found out.”

A second said: “I’ve never been more on Phil’s side. After the sick way Karen got the money, spending it in his face is disgusting. Deserve Phil’s wrath!”

Another added: “Karen better pack her bags!”

Sharon looked on in horror

Sharon looked on in horrorCredit: BBC

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