EastEnders’ Sonia’s romance history as she’s revealed as a fantastic lover

Do you remember these former soap lovers?

EastEnders character Sonia Fowler looks concerned, Reiss looks down

EastEnders legend Sonia Fowler made her Albert Square debut 30 years ago, in December 1993. But how much do you remember about the character’s romantic history?

In EastEnders tonight (Wednesday December 13), during Sharon’s hen do, Sonia shares how her man Reiss is a “fantastic lover”. And Sharon throws a compliment Sonia’s way in insisting she is, too. And it seems Sharon may have been passed that tidbit via Sonia’s ex Martin.

But who else has Sonia – played by Natalie Cassidy – been involved with while in Walford?

Sonia praises Reiss
Sonia (in a wig) praises Reiss for his skills as a lover as Sharon’s hen do (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

EastEnders: Sonia and her romance history

Jamie Mitchell

Sonia’s first love was Jamie, who she was in a relationship with for two years until his tragic death on Christmas Day 2002. However, the course of their true love never did run smooth, even though they appeared to be soulmates.

And her giving birth to daughter Bex in 2000 came as a surprise to both Sonia and Jamie. Neither knew she was pregnant – aged just 15 – until she went into labour. And Jamie wasn’t the father…

They got engaged – but he cheated on her with Zoe Slater, leading to constant rows. Sonia then dated Gus Smith. But amid their getting together, Sonia reconciled with Jamie, only for their happy ever after to be shattered by Jamie being run down by Bex’s father…

Martin Fowler

Bex’s dad being, of course, Martin Fowler.

Eventually, Sonia forgave Martin, and they decided to elope, and marry.

They faced being taken hostage by a stalker, the death of Bex’s adoptive parents, and interfering in Bex’s new home life together. However, the strain led to difficulties, and Sonia went on to have an affair.

Naomi Julien

A nursing colleague of Sonia’s, Naomi’s relationship with Sonia caused problems when Bex’s guardian decided Sonia’s bisexuality was unacceptable and ensures Martin gets full custody of their daughter.

Consequently Sonia focused on Bex, and Naomi slipped away.

Gus Smith again

Sonia then turned to Gus again, who helped her sort herself out after life pressure lead Sonia to drink too much. But Martin turned her head again, and regretting their divorce, they gave it another go.

Martin Fowler again

However, Martin’s mother Pauline was so determined to finish them off, she faked a brain tumour. Sonia finally snapped and gave Pauline a slap. And on that same day, Pauline was found dead.

Martin later discovered how Sonia walloped his mum, and cut off access to Bex. But Sonia kidnapped her daughter, and went on the run.

After Sonia’s name was cleared – for Pauline’s murder, at least – Sonia decided to give Manchester a shot.

She cleared the air with Martin. But as she made to leave, he decided to leave Walford with her. And so they got hitched again, and headed north for a family life off screen.

Phil Mitchell?

A few years pass, and Sonia returned to London for a wedding. But she was alone, and following a drunken outburst at Phil Mitchell over him beating up Jamie, Sonia somehow misconstrued being given a verbal lashing and got into Phil’s bed.

Ultimately convinced to give her marriage another try, Sonia returned to Manchester. But within months it became clear she’d moved back nearer to Walford, and had Bex with her.

Tina Carter

Sonia’s marriage was still having problems by 2014, and so she snogged Tina Carter. However, Tina ended their friendship when her partner found out about her kiss with Sonia.

As time passed, Tina later made another pass of her own at Sonia. But Sonia withdrew, not sure of her feelings. Martin returned to Walford, and wanted to patch things up with Sonia. But after he saw Tina and Sonia kissing, he spread it about. And Sonia and Tina saw each other on and off as Sonia endured breast cancer concerns.

EastEnders: Sonia and Martin Fowler again, and again

In late 2017, Sonia wondered whether she still loved Martin after Stacey Slater chucked him out. They planned a date together – but with him still having one eye on his relationship with Stacey, it floundered.

At another point, she became furious with him for not being around after Bex took an overdose. However, Sonia then decided – after giving police a false alibi for Martin – she still does have feelings for him after all. Additionally, their resumed relationship led to Sonia stealing ten grand from Dot Cotton after she and Martin were blackmailed.

Sonia and Reiss hug on EastEnders
Will there be heartbreak after initially having sex at a wake? (Credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Reiss Colwell

Fast forward to Dot’s death in late 2022. At Dot’s funeral, Sonia meets Reiss – and they sleep together at the wake.

As it turns out, Reiss has a wife who is in hospital, unresponsive due to a stroke. Despite Reiss not mentioning this, Sonia decides their love is bigger than this detail.

In the following months, Reiss wonders whether Sonia has cheated on him, and he reveals he has a low sperm count. And so they embark upon an IVF journey together, which is still playing out on the soap. Let’s just hope for Sonia and Reiss’ sakes that Martin doesn’t stick his oar in – or Reiss’ wife doesn’t wake up…

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