EastEnders spoilers: Dean’s ill daughter arrives, Rocky exposed and Albie paternity twist revealed

Dean's daughter arrives in the square as Kathy learns the truth about Rocky's involvement in the café fire and Sharon reveals the truth about Albie's real father

EastEnders fans can expect plenty of drama as Dean’s ill daughter Jade arrives next week.

After rejecting Dean’s attempts to comfort her, Jade gives him another chance after a chat with Gina about absent parents. After seeing a photo of Dean with Ollie, Linda lets rip and Keanu tells Jade that her dad is a sexual predator.

Elsewhere, Nish implies Rocky was responsible for the café fire. Kathy seeks the truth from Harvey who all but confirms her suspicions before she confronts Rocky. She later rejects Ian’s idea of shopping Rocky to the police, and later scolds Nish in The Vic for piling debt on her husband.

Across the Square, a guilt-ridden Sharon burns a letter from the hospital detailing Albie’s paternity, but later reveals all to Linda. She later promises to keep Sharon’s secret.

Dean’s ill daughter Jade returns to the Square and heads to The Vic alone where she is befriended by Gina

Jade laments her own prognosis and rejects Dean’s attempts to comfort her until a chat with Gina about absent parents makes her give him another chance

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Linda is incensed when she receives a photo from Dean, who is dressed as Santa with Ollie at the Beale’s Eels new grotto, and heads there to confront him where she lets rip

(Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Keanu tells Jade that her dad is a sexual predator and she leaves Walford before Dean heads to The Vic

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Elsewhere, Kathy sells the café to Nish, who can’t help but stir the pot as he implies Rocky was responsible for the fire

(Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)
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