Timothy West shares devastating health update on wife Prunella Scales’ dementia battle

Veteran actor Timothy West has spoken about his actress wife Prunella Scales' battle with dementia and admitted that life isn't going to get any easier for the couple

Timothy West has sadly explained that after his wife Prunella Scales’ dementia diagnosis, things won’t get better for her.

The actress was diagnosed with the condition in 2014, but Timothy first noticed the signs back in 2001 after going to see his wife in the opening night of a theatre production. However, the show went ahead with no faults and the former EastEnders actor said he just thought Prunella was “a bit strange” and “not totally with it”.

Having been together for 60 years, the Not Going Out actor, 89, has shed light on their future and Prunella’s condition in a rare interview, where he admitted it “isn’t going to get better.”

Timothy West has shared an update on his wife Prunella Scales' dementia diagnosis

Timothy West has shared an update on his wife Prunella Scales’ dementia diagnosis 



“It hasn’t really been hard work has it?,” he told BBC Breakfast, before his wife, 91, added: “No, he is the person I love and I enjoy being with…” to which he quipped: “That is about it I think!” Discussing first noticing his wife’s deterioration, he said: “I came to see a play that Pru was doing in Greenwich.

“I went to see the first night and it was good, much enjoyed by the audience and then I went to see it again and I thought ‘She’s not totally with it’. We went to see a specialist and he said I am sorry this is just something that happens to you when you get older. It is not going to get any easier but we cope with it and we manage.”

But the Bradford-born actor doesn’t believe their relationship has changed since Prunella was diagnosed, as she commented: “I have got to know him better and better and better.” Timothy added: “I know that things are going to change a little bit, but it has been a long time and we have managed pretty well really. I don’t think we ever think ‘Oh no’.”

Prunella added: “I have been asked to live the rest of my life with somebody I respect very much and agree with a lot of things and argue with about a lot of things quite happily.” During a chat with the BBC ahead of the release of his upcoming book, Timothy was asked about Prunella’s vascular dementia diagnosis and admits that “somehow” they have “coped”, before adding: “Pru doesn’t really think about it.”

“What about?,” she asked before Timothy explained to her that she doesn’t think about her condition. “Well I think elderly people get it anyway, don’t they?” she quizzed.

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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