EastEnders spoilers: Elaine Peacock devastated as she fears George Knight will return to Cindy Beale

Elaine looking out of the window crying in EastEnders
Elaine was devastated by what she saw (Picture: BBC)

George Knight (Colin Salmon) and Cindy Beal(Michelle Collins) have a complicated history in EastEnders, much to the concern of George’s current partner Elaine Peacock (Harriet Thorpe).

In tonight’s (Tuesday, January 2) installment of the BBC soap, Elaine was left devastated as she feared a reunion between the former husband and wife, following life-changing news from George’s parents.

Elaine picked up on George’s change in behaviour following Gloria (Elizabeth Counsell) and Eddie Knight’s (Christopher Fairbank) arrival, pointing out that he had been restless all night.

Things only got more tense between the couple after George learnt the shocking truth about his upbringing and stormed out following a row with Elaine.

George was horrified to learn that his parents had been paid to take him in as a child, before eventually legally adopting him.

Though Gloria assured him that they loved him, George was understandably shaken, but instead of seeking comfort from Elaine, he turned to ex-wife Cindy.

When Cindy pointed out that it was a bad time for him to come round, George appeared to come to his senses and made to leave, but Cindy stopped him.

Cindy and George talking in EastEnders
George turned to Cindy instead of Elaine (Picture: BBC)

She asked him to meet her the following day so that they could talk about whatever it was that was bothering him, and when George pointed out that it wasn’t anything to do with her anymore, Cindy disagreed.

She pointed out that, because they have children together, it will always be her business, before dropping a bombshell.

She revealed that if she hadn’t broken her witness protection cover back in 2014 then they never would have split up, as she had still loved him and would never have let him go.

It was then that they were interrupted by Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), and George made a hasty exit.

However, his trip across the road to No.45 hadn’t gone unnoticed by Elaine, who watched him emerge with tears in her eyes.

Is Elaine right to fear what the future may hold for George and Cindy, and where that may leave her?

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