EastEnders spoilers: Funeral shock, major relationship destroyed and murder secret twist

EastEnders spoilers with Kat, Alfie,Phil, Ben, Jay, Sam, Yolande and Denise
Funeral drama on the Square (Picture: BBC)

Emotions are running high in EastEnders next week, as the Mitchells say goodbye to their beloved Aunt Sal, following the real-life death of actress Anna Karen.

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is hit hard as he breaks down during a eulogy, while surprise guests leave the family reeling, as Billy (Perry Fenwick) comes face to face with his dad.

And Aunt Sal leaves behind a financial legacy, with Sam (Kim Medcalf) finding herself with a windfall.

It’s not the end of Phil’s agony either, as his betrayal of Kat (Jessie Wallace) is dramatically exposed.

As Kat is horrified to realise that he slept with Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit), their marriage is on the rocks.

Elsewhere, the drama for The Six continues, with a big new twist putting their killer secret on the line.

Monday January 15 

It’s the day of Aunt Sal’s funeral in EastEnders
It’s the day of Aunt Sal’s funeral (Picture: BBC)

It’s the day of Aunt Sal’s funeral, and the Mitchell clan gather from far and wide to pay their respects. Kat worries as Phil keeps his emotions to himself, as Alfie attends the funeral in her place.

Sam gives Ben and Billy their marching orders to attend, but Phil isn’t convinced by her sudden interest in family. Aunt Sal’s husband, Harold, makes a rare appearance and moves the congregation, including Phil, to tears with his eulogy.

At the wake, Sam is shocked when Harold reveals that Aunt Sal left her, Grant and Phil £100,000 and demands the money from Phil but he refuses.

Later, Sam is shocked when a jealous Alfie reveals that Phil slept with Emma, and later heads back to Peggy’s to blackmail Phil for the inheritance money.

Suki is spooked when Priya reveals that the builders may have to re-lay the foundations of the café, and heads to No.41 to persuade Nish to reconsider turning the café into flats. Nish surprisingly agrees but the biggest shock comes when Denise arrives.

Peter helps Lauren and Penny move into their new flat, as the once lovers toy with the idea of restarting their relationship.

After Cindy intercepts Peter and Ian’s conversation on the matter, she finds Lauren and encourages her to rethink a relationship with Peter wanting to protect her son from future heartbreak.

Tuesday January 16

Denise and Jack sat on a sofa in EastEnders
Denise arranges a last-minute couples counselling session with Jack (Picture: BBC)

Denise arranges a last-minute couples counselling session with Jack but the events of Christmas are still weighing heavily on her.

Kathy calls a crisis meeting in The Vic barrel store to talk about Denise, but the women are left even more concerned when Suki shares news about Denise’s visit to Nish.

At therapy, Jack is rattled when its clear Denise isn’t listening. Later, Jack heads out for air after a heated chat with Denise where he bumps into Stacey who feigns interest for information on Denise.

The pair share a charged moment as it’s clear there is still feelings there…

Elaine gets The Vic ready for Phil and Kat’s joint birthday karaoke party under strict instructions from Jean.

Sam continues to blackmail Phil, but he refuses to budge. Later, Kat grows concerned when she spots Phil conspiring with Ben across the Square, and later heads to No.29 to confront Ben, but he covers for him.

In The Vic, Phil caves to Sam’s demands before he and Kat have a heart-to-heart on recent events, but the warm moment is short-lived when Sam takes the mic and reveals that Phil slept with Emma.

Cindy is rattled to learn about Bobby and Anna’s date, but is later relieved to learn it hasn’t gone to plan. Ian steps in at the eleventh hour to help the young lovers, but it’s clear Cindy still has her reservations.

Wednesday January 17

Jack orders Sam to leave in EastEnders
Jack orders Sam to leave (Picture: BBC)

Kat reels at Sam’s claims.

Sam is met with contempt for her actions before heading to No.27 for moral support from Ricky.

Jack orders Sam to leave but Ricky rushes after her and intercepts her argument with Phil outside No.55.

Thursday January 18

Cindy tells Bobby he’s not good enough to date Anna in EastEnders
Cindy tells Bobby he’s not good enough to date Anna (Picture: BBC)

The Slaters wake up to a full house of chaos.

With news of Phil’s infidelity rife on the Square, Kat takes herself to The Vic to drink herself into oblivion

Denise attends the community church group after a heart-to-heart with Yolande, and is pleasantly surprised by how comforting she finds it.

Elsewhere, Kim is spooked when she smells perfume on Howie’s clothing and is convinced he’s having an affair.

Cindy tells Bobby he’s not good enough to date Anna which horrifies Ian and Peter. Ian attempts to play matchmaker and makes a reservation for them both at Walford East, but Bobby is shocked when Cindy arrives.

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