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EastEnders spoilers: More exits as five major characters make big decisions

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Whitney tells Zack she is pregnant in EastEnders
Quite a few changes! (Picture: BBC)

A handful of Walford residents pack their bags in upcoming EastEnders episodes as major news sees them temporarily depart.

First up is Kim (Tameka Empson) and Howie (Delroy Atkinson). Howie will reveal to his partner that he’s been offered a fantastic 3-month job on a cruise ship.

Kim starts to fear that Howie’s head will be turned on the cruise, so he invites her along to a photoshoot for the company to show her there’s nothing to worry about.

His idea falls flat, however, when it becomes apparent his boss looks exactly like Kim!

When news reaches the group that the ticket sales are down, Kim decides to offer advice on how to solve the crisis with her social media knowledge. Rory, the boss, is impressed and offers Kim the job as social media manager.

A problem then arises in the form of Denise (Diane Parish), who is struggling with her mental health following the events on Christmas Day. Worried sick, Kim decides to not go on the cruise, believing Denise might be experiencing PTSD.

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Rory hugs disgusted Kim while Howie watches in EastEnders
Things don’t get off to the best of starts (Picture: BBC)
Martin and Sharon sitting on Denny's bench in EastEnders
Martin heads to support Sharon and Michelle (Picture: BBC)

Denise eventually convinces her sister that she’s just upset over her fragile marriage to Jack (Scott Maslen) and demands that she goes on the cruise with Howie after all.

Meanwhile, Martin (James Bye) also decides to pack a bag and heads to Australia to find Sharon (Letitia Dean). She is there supporting Michelle, who is having an operation.

Finally, Whitney (Shona McGarty) and Zack (James Farrar) decide to depart Albert Square for a little while after Whitney receives news about Bianca Jackson (Patsy Palmer).

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