EastEnders spoilers: Phil’s affair exposed!

How is Kat going to react?

Phil, Kat and Emma in EastEnders

EastEnders spoilers have revealed that Kat is left reeling when she discovers the truth about Phil’s secret liaison with Lola’s mum, Emma.

How will the fiery Slater react to hearing that her husband has cheated?

Well, we’re guessing not well!

Read on to hear how Kat finds out! And what she does about it, in EastEnders spoilers.

The Mitchells go to pay their last respects to Aunt Sal (Credit: BBC)


The Mitchells all come together to say farewell to their Aunt Sal, when they head off to her funeral. Aunt Sal’s husband, Harold, gives a moving eulogy that leaves everyone tearful – even Phil!

But that’s not the only surprise Harold has up his sleeve. Later, he tells Sam that Aunt Sal left her, Phil and Grant £100,000.

Sam’s delighted, thinking it’ll be the answer to her money troubles, but when she demands the wonga from her brother, he refuses to hand it over.

Sam wants the money but Phil won’t agree (Credit: BBC)

Alfie spills!

Later, though, a disgruntled Sam comes across and equally annoyed Alfie, and she’s thrilled when Mr Moon reveals everything he knows about Phil sleeping with Lola’s mum, Emma.

Of course, Sam’s going to use this information to her advantage! So off she goes to Peggy’s to blackmail her big brother into giving her the money.

Phil still won’t budge, though. Is he playing with fire?

Alfie tells Sam the truth about Phil and Emma (Credit: BBC)

The truth is out!

The next day is Phil and Kat‘s joint birthday karaoke party at The Queen Vic. But Kat’s convinced something’s up and Phil’s still not giving into his sister’s demands.

When Kat clocks Phil and Ben deep in conversation, she’s even more convinced something’s not right. She confronts Ben, but he covers for his dad.

Later at the pub, Phil finally gives in to Sam and agrees to hand over the money. Then he and Kat share a moment. Aww. Crisis averted?

Absolutely not. This is Walford, after all!

Sam takes the mic and announces to the whole pub that Phil slept with Emma!

Poor Kat’s left reeling, while everyone’s furious with Sam for spilling the beans.

Is this the end for Kat and Phil?

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