EastEnders Spoilers: Sam Attwater and Ricky Norwood’s Blast From the Past Reunion!


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Sam penned the post, “So great to catch up with @officialrickynorwood at @dancingonice this week.” He added, “14 years later and reunited on the ice of all places!! I’ll be there again this Sunday, cheering you on, buddy!” Norwood commented on the post, saying, “Remember this like it was yesterday, bro. Was so good to see you.” We all got smitten by this adorable reunion! EastEnders fans are eager to see these characters return someday. Nevertheless, we heard something about Ricky Norwood! Is Ricky’s reprisal of Arthur Chubb on the cards?

EastEnders Spoilers: Ricky is Ever-Ready for a Comeback!

Ricky discussed the potential return of his character to Walford last week. The showrunners wrote off his character years ago. However, in true EastEnders fashion, characters can always come back from the dead.

Ricky Norwood EastEnders Spoilers
EE/ Ricky Norwood as Arthur Chubb on EastEnders

Speaking to RadioTimes, “The thing with EastEnders is that anything can happen. I’ve got a lot of love for EastEnders.” In addition, he mentioned that he still has a lot of friends and family and shares a strong bond with cast members. Ricky elaborated on the possibility of his return, “Whether you die onscreen or offscreen, there have been returns.” Furthermore, Norwood also praised the soap and admitted to having enjoyed the past year’s storylines. He specifically loved the Christmas one. Commenting on his return, the actor said, “So if they ever needed Fatboy back in the Square, all they’ve got to do is give me a call.”

Would you like to watch Ricky Norwood play Arthur Chubb in the soap again? Tell us in the comments. Till then,

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