EastEnders spoilers: Sam Mitchell blackmails Phil as she makes massive discovery

Sam at Peggy's in EastEnders
Sam confronted Phil (Picture: BBC)

Sam Mitchell (Kim Medcalf) has got Phil (Steve McFadden) backed into a corner after learning he slept with Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit) in EastEnders.

In Monday’s (January 15) episode, the Mitchells gathered at the church to say goodbye to Aunt Sal, who was played by actress Anna Karen.

Among the people paying their respects were Sam, Phil, Ben (Max Bowden), Jay (Jamie Borthwick), Ricky (Frankie Day) and Alfie (Shane Richie), who decided to go along in Kat’s (Jessie Wallace) place.

As Aunt Sal’s husband Harold arrived and got chatting to Sam and Ricky, Phil wandered off to speak to a lady from his past.

The woman, who had apparently always been interested in Phil, continued to talk to him throughout the funeral and the wake, which annoyed Alfie.

When Kat and Tommy (Sonny Kendall) arrived at Peggy’s, Phil then spent time with them, obviously failing to tell Kat about who he had been talking to for hours.

The Mitchell family in EastEnders and Jay Brown gather at Aunt Sal's funeral (left to right: Jay, Sam, Phil, Ricky, Ben)
The Mitchells gathered to say goodbye to Aunt Sal (Picture: BBC)

A wound up and jealous Alfie hated the way Phil was behaving. Outside on a bench, he got talking to Sam, who had just been told by Phil she wasn’t getting any of the money Aunt Sal left them and Grant (Ross Kemp).

During their chat, Alfie told Sam that he felt bad for Kat, who was asked to stay at home by Phil so she didn’t see him upset. Alfie believed it was just a cover up so Phil could chase ‘another Emma’, so he ‘can cheat on her [Kat] again’.

It took Sam a minute to process what Alfie had just said but when she did, her eyes lit up – this information was exactly what she needed.

Back at Peggy’s, Sam sat down and revealed that she knows about Phil sleeping with Emma and then told her brother that she wants her money – or else.

But if Phil doesn’t comply, will Sam really tell Kat in revenge?

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