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EastEnders spoilers: Sharon addresses previous DNA test as she keeps huge secret from Phil and Keanu

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Sharon resting her chin on Keanu's hair and looking sad in EastEnders
Sharon decided to keep her secret (Picture: BBC)

Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) is still reeling from the revelation that Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) isn’t Albie’s biological father in EastEnders and, to be honest, so are we.

In tonight’s (November 16) episode, Sharon insisted that Albie couldn’t be Phil Mitchell’s (Steve McFadden) son because she had taken a home DNA test while she was pregnant which had said otherwise.

As Sharon demanded that the doctor had done the test wrong, he assured her that the hospital’s tests were far more reliable, as some home tests can be unreliable.

He insisted that these results were correct, leaving Sharon in a difficult position.

When Keanu decided to go ahead with their engagement party, Sharon seemed fine, until Phil arrived and sent her over the edge, causing her to storm out of the pub.

It wasn’t long before brother Zack Hudson (James Farrar) found her, and soon Sharon had revealed all to him.

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She soon opened up about her fears, revealing that Keanu was a good dad to Albie, and that she was frightened he would lose him if Keanu freaked out about not being his biological father.

Zack tried his best to comfort her by explaining that, through his fostering journey he had learnt that biology doesn’t matter, as long as the child is loved and well cared for.

He pointed out that their own biological dad, Gavin, may have been blood related, but he hadn’t really been their dad at all.

As Sharon realised that Zack was implying that she should keep the information to herself, Sharon explained that if she didn’t tell Phil then it would all come out eventually, and they’d all end up getting hurt whatever happened.

Following her chat with Zack, Sharon headed over to see Phil, having clearly decided that it was better to get things out in the open as soon as possible.

Sharon and Phil at his dining table in EastEnders
Sharon tried to tell Phil (Picture: BBC)

However, as Sharon struggled to build up the confidence to come out and say it, Phil ranted on about Keanu, and his nastiness rubbed Sharon up the wrong way.

Soon, their discussion turned into a row, resulting in Sharon agreeing to leave without having told Phil the truth.

Back at home, Keanu apologised for not counselling the engagement party, explaining how he had wanted to celebrate their family before he headed to Germany.

It was then that Sharon decided to keep the truth of Albie’s paternity to herself, as she promised that both she and their son would be waiting for Keanu when he gets back.

Will Sharon’s decision end up causing trouble in the future?


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