EastEnders spoilers: Sparks fly as Jack grows closer to Stacey as his relationship with Denise crumbles

Stacey holds baby Charli as Jack watches in EastEnders
They spend more time together (Picture: BBC)

Denise Fox (Diane Parish) heads back home in EastEnders soon, unaware a connection has been growing between Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) and Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) while she’s been on holiday.

As well as spending time together before and after Lily (Lillia Turner) and Ricky (Frankie Day) became parents, Jack has been one of the many people showing Stacey support while Theo (William Ellis) continued stalking her.

Jack will also be a listening ear to Stacey this week, who gets drunk after Theo’s plea hearing and opens up about how terrified she’s been recently.

It is clear Jack thinks a lot of Stacey, as he also agrees to keep quiet when she confesses the truth about Theo’s attack and planting a weapon on him to try and save Freddie (Bobby Brazier) from prison.

Coming up, Stacey asks Jack to take on babysitting duties, but it’s clear he’s a little bit out of practice and has to call Stace for help.

Denise and Jack speak in Beales Eels but they are confronted by Dean in EastEnders
Denise is faced with Dean again (Picture: BBC)

Later, Denise arrives home from her holiday early and is keen for an update on Walford gossip, but ends up being interrupted when Sam (Kim Medcalf) bursts in, allowing Denise to realise she’s been staying with the family.

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In the week, Jack launches a charm offensive on Denise to get her to forgive him over the Sam debacle.

They end up falling out again as Denise discovers Dean (Matt Di Angelo) is back and Jack failed to tell her.

Later, Jack turns to Stace for support before returning home to an angry Denise.

She ends up telling Jack that he has to choose – either Sam moves out, or she will.

With focus currently on Sam, will Denise fail to spot the chemistry growing between Jack and Stacey?

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