EastEnders spoilers: Suki finds out the truth about Eve – and seeks revenge on Nish

What is she planning and will she make everything worse?

Suki and Nish

EastEnders spoilers for the week before Christmas have revealed Suki discovers the truth about Eve!

And armed with the shocking knowledge about what happened to her secret lover, Suki sets out to take revenge on husband Nish.

But what will Suki do? And where is Eve?!

Read on to find out everything that happens in EastEnders spoilers.

Stacey and Suki are concerned (Credit: BBC)

Suspicious minds

Stacey is shocked when she is sent flowers to the bap van. The message says they’re from Eve, but both Stacey and Suki aren’t convinced she was the one to send them.

Suki turns Miss Marple and does a bit of investigating on Nish’s laptop.

Suki does some investigating (Credit: BBC)

And she’s shocked when she discovers he was the one who sent the flowers. Suki realises that means he must know about her affair – and she’s full of dread.

She heads over to Stacey’s and tells her everything and they’re soon both frantic with worry about what’s happened to Eve.

Is Stacey right to be worried? (Credit: BBC)


With revenge in mind, Suki then starts plotting to take on evil husband Nish in EastEnders spoilers.

She asks son Vinny to stay out for the evening, so she can spend time alone with her husband.

But what is she up to?

Suki’s making a plan but Stacey is worried (Credit: BBC)

Alarm bells in EastEnders spoilers.

But as Suki is putting her plan into action, a frightened Stacey bursts in, worried about what Suki’s up to.

She tries to talk Suki out of whatever she’s planning, scared Nish will take even worse, more terrible revenge. But will Suki listen?

As Stacey leaves, Nish arrives home. Is he in danger? Or is it Suki who should be worried?!

Suki knows the truth about her husband (Credit: BBC)


Later, Jack finds Stacey, and he tells her some dreadful news. He tells the stunned Slater that Nish and Ravi have been arrested. For Eve’s murder!

How will Stacey react? What will Suki do?

Of course the viewers know Eve’s safe so we don’t need to worry.

Or do we?!

There is bad news for Suki (Credit: BBC)
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