EastEnders spoilers: Surprising twist as major character unexpectedly survives the fire

Karen holds a wad of cash in EastEnders
Karen doesn’t die in the fire (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

With a fire set to rip through Walford in upcoming EastEnders scenes, viewers have been certain that they know who is going to die , but it seems that they are wrong.

Since it was announced that Lorraine Stanley would be leaving the role of Karen Taylor, many fans suspected that she my end up dying in the fire which Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) is set to start.

However, new spoilers have revealed that Karen is still alive after the fire, which means we get to enjoy the character for a little while longer.

Following the events of the fire and her recent ordeal with son Albie’s kidnap, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) is understandably shaken, but when Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) returns home from picking their son up from pre-school, she asks him to propose to her again so that she can say yes.

With the pair now engaged, they prepare a celebration in the Vic, and Sharon tries her best to persuade Karen to come and join.

However, Karen refuses.

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With Karen still on the scene after the fire, we are now left wondering how she will come to leave Albert Square.

She was recently dragged into Keanu’s plot to kidnap Albie, and was integral in handing him over to her brother-in-law Malcom.

Recent scenes have seen her drop a second ransom note detailing a time and place to drop the money in exchange for Albie.

Knowing how distraught Sharon has been over the loss of her son, Karen made sure to reassure her that he was still alive in the note, while feigning concern to her face.

With Karen having warned Keanu on multiple occasions that they could both end up in prison, could this be foreshadowing the pair eventually getting caught out for their crime?

Could Karen end up going to prison for her involvement in Keanu’s vile plan?

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