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EastEnders spoilers tease shocking discovery for Ian Beale amid feud with the Knights

EastEnders' Ian Beale is set to be shocked by some bombshell news next week on the BBC soap, after a phone call leaves his plans in tatters amid a feud with the Knights

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EastEnders spoilers tease a huge bombshell for Ian Beale next week, that could leave his plan in tatters on the BBC soap.

The character makes a shocking discovery after a worrying phone call, with him fearing what it means for his future in Walford with partner Cindy Beale. It also leads to him trying to get the Knights on side amid their feud over Cindy, but it does not go to plan.

Ian has been worried Cindy will try to reunite with her ex-husband George Knight, ever since their return to Walford. Fans know Cindy returned from the dead a few months ago onscreen, with it revealed she went into witness protection back in 1998 despite her seemingly being killed off at the time.

Cindy married George and welcomed two daughters with him, after leaving her kids with Ian behind in Walford. Cindy then left the Knights in 2014 after possibly blowing her cover, before reuniting with Ian some time in the past year. Events brought the pair back to Walford, where they were confronted by the Knights and the Beales – with the Knights having moved there earlier in the year by some coincidence.

EastEnders' Ian Beale is set to be shocked by some bombshell news next week

EastEnders’ Ian Beale is set to be shocked by some bombshell news next week ( Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Knowing the history George and Cindy share and that Cindy is keen to stay in Walford for her daughters, Ian is desperate to get their family restaurant plans off the ground. He fears he could lose Cindy if he doesn’t make it work and give her what she wants.

There’s been some issues though with the funds for the business, with Cindy believing George owed her money after selling their Marbella bar. With the money seemingly sorted, Ian is on the hunt for a venue and believes he has found the perfect location to secure his and Cindy’s future.

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But a shocking phone call could change everything, as Ian makes a huge discovery next week. Spoilers reveal that Ian gets a phone call that could scupper his plans, with there being a competitor for the lease on the pawnbrokers which he’s hoping to get. Wanting to secure the location, Ian heads to The Vic in a bid to make sure the Knights hand over Cindy’s share of the money, playing on his recent heart attack for sympathy.

But George’s partner Elaine sees right through him and quickly dashes his hopes. George drops the news that Cindy has no claim to any of the sales money after she left the family, and went back to her real identity. How will Cindy react, and does this mean the business plan is out the window?

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