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EastEnders spoilers tonight: Denise finds out Jack slept with Stacey

Denise finds Stacey's necklace in the house

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EastEnders' Jack, Denise, Stacey, the background of the Thames

In EastEnders spoilers tonight (Monday, December 18), Denise is heartbroken when she finds out that Jack slept with Stacey.

After Jack lies to her about who he slept with, Denise spots him handing Stacey back her necklace.

But, will she confront Jack over his betrayal with Stacey in EastEnders spoilers?

Jack confesses to cheating on Denise (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Denise discovers Jack’s betrayal

Tonight, Jack regrets sleeping with Stacey and takes his anger out on Amy and Ricky.

After seeing Amy and Ricky in the Square, Denise pays Jack a visit and decides to try to save her marriage.

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However, to her shock, Jack makes a confession and tells her that he slept with someone else whilst she was away for the night.

Later on, Denise finds a necklace in the house and realises that it belongs to the woman Jack had over.

Jack lies to Denise that he slept with a stranger but Denise finds out the truth when she spots Jack handing the necklace back to Stacey. But, what will Denise do with the truth?

Billy and Alfie team up (Credit: BBC)

Alfie tries to cheer Billy up

The market is buzzing with Christmas spirit but Billy’s not feeling up to celebrating without Lola.

Alfie sets up an illegal pitch but Honey tells him that she’ll ignore it if he cheers Billy up and teams up with him.

Suki realises that Nish knows (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Suki makes a revelation

Stacey receives some flowers from Eve but Suki fears that they might not actually be from her.

Searching for the truth on Nish’s laptop, Suki is horrified to discover that he was the one to send the flowers.

Realising that Nish knows about her affair with Eve, Suki informs Stacey of what she knows.

Suki then plans her revenge as she and Stacey both worry about what’s happened to Eve. But, will they get to the bottom of her disappearance?

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