EastEnders spoilers tonight: Jack cheats with Stacey as Denise prepares to make confession

Jack is Stacey's hero

EastEnders' Denise, Jack, Stacey, the background of the Thames

In EastEnders spoilers tonight (Monday, January 29), Denise continues to crumble on her birthday and decides to be honest with Jack.

Meanwhile, Nish breaks into Stacey’s house as Jack comes to save the day before kissing Stacey.

But, will Denise find out about her husband Jack’s betrayal yet again in EastEnders spoilers?

Denise isn’t in the mood for celebrating (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Denise wants to be honest

Denise’s family surprise her with some birthday celebrations but she’s forgotten about her birthday, taken aback by the day’s events.

Jack notices that Denise is upset and tries to figure out what’s the matter with her. Denise, however, fails to tell him anything.

Raymond is devastated by Denise’s behaviour and wants her to go back to being the mum he recognises.

With this, Denise realises that she can’t go on as she is and gets ready to tell Jack everything that’s on her mind. But, will she go through with it?

Jack helps Stacey in her moment on need (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Jack kisses Stacey (again!)

Does Jack ever learn? Clearly not as tonight he fails to support Denise when she needs him the most and instead acts as Stacey’s hero.

Stacey tries to encourage Suki to get her divorce with Nish done, prompting Suki to attempt to manipulate Nish into signing the papers.

As Kat mentions Stacey’s past, Nish breaks into Stacey’s home leaving her frightened. Jack, though, turns up and tells Nish to leave immediately.

With Stacey grateful for Jack, it isn’t long before they both share a kiss. Jack then rushes off, feeling guilty for going behind Denise’s back yet again. Is this the final nail in the coffin for Jack and Denise’s marriage?

Alfie struggles with his symptoms (Credit: BBC)

Alfie has an accident

At his radiotherapy session, Alfie meets a fellow patient called Shahir. He then gets emotional after seeing Shahir’s family accompany him, making him feel lonely.

Later on, Linda arranges for Ian and Billy to hang out with Alfie in The Vic. However things take a turn when Alfie wets himself in front of them.

Yolande is humiliated (Credit: BBC)

Denzel feels guilty

Outside of McKlunky’s, Denzel is corned by bully Logan and his mates. Yolande spots the altercation and tries to protect Denzel.

However, she soon trips over and is filmed by the gang. Denzel can’t help feeling responsible for Yolande’s humiliation.

Jade bonds with Jean (Credit: BBC)

Jean spends time with Jade

Jean and Jade enjoy spending some time together. Dean’s pleased that they’re starting to bond, but is trouble around the corner?

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