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EastEnders spoilers tonight: Sam blackmails Phil after Aunt Sal’s funeral for sleeping with Emma

Sam finds out about Phil's betrayal

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EastEnders' Phil, Sam, the background of the Thames

In EastEnders spoilers tonight (Monday, January 15), Aunt Sal’s funeral gets underway but the day is not without its chaos.

After Sam finds out that Phil owes her money, she uses Phil’s cheating against him to blackmail him.

But, will Phil give into blackmail and give Sam what she wants in EastEnders spoilers?

Sam finds out about Phil’s cheating from Alfie (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Aunt Sal’s funeral causes trouble

The Mitchells attend Aunt Sal’s funeral, with Phil being supported by Alfie as Kat fails to be by his side.

Sam demands that everyone should attend the funeral, but Phil is suspicious over how much Sam suddenly seems to care about the family.

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Aunt Sal’s husband, Harold, soon makes a huge revelation to Sam after his eulogy, revealing that Aunt Sal left her £100,000. And, Phil is the person with access to the money.

Later on, Alfie confesses to Sam that Phil slept with Emma behind Kat’s back. Using this information to her advantage, Sam then blackmails Phil.

She demands that he give her the inheritance money or she’ll spill the beans about his cheating to Kat. But, will Phil hand over the money?

Suki and Nish sitting together on EastEnders
Nish gives Suki control of the café (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Nish agrees to Suki’s wishes

Suki panics when Priya informs her that the builders might be relaying the foundation of the café.

With the freedom of ‘The Six’ at risk, Suki sparks up a conversation with Nish and asks him to change his mind about turning the café into flats.

Nish actually agrees to backtracking on his original plans (surprisingly) but Suki and the rest of ‘The Six’ aren’t out of the woods yet as Denise turns up. But, is she risking everything by making an appearance?

Cindy interferes (Credit: BBC)

Cindy meddles with Peter and Lauren’s love life

Peter helps Lauren and Penny with moving their things into their new flat, hoping that Lauren will get back with him.

However, the chances of this happening seem slim once Cindy interferes. She chats to Lauren and advises her to not restart her relationship with Peter. But, will Lauren listen to Cindy and steer clear?

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