Sharon left terrified as Albie is kidnapped

Where's Albie?

In EastEnders spoilers tonight (Wednesday, November 1), Sharon is left terrified as her son Albie is kidnapped.

As Keanu puts his plan into action, Sharon’s left feeling sick to the stomach when Albie goes missing.

But, will she be able to track little Albie down and get him back home safe in EastEnders spoilers?

Keanu talking to Sharon on EastEnders
Albie goes missing (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Albie is kidnapped

Tonight, Keanu is ready to go ahead with his plan to stop Sharon from taking Albie to Abu Dhabi.

However, Karen soon backtracks and worries that Keanu might be doing the wrong thing.

Keanu later picks Albie up from Sharon’s to go to a birthday party. Sharon’s soon furious when she finds out that Keanu didn’t take Albie to the party but instead took him somewhere else.

He just used the party to spend more time with his son without telling Sharon.

Later on, Keanu tells a panicked Sharon that Albie has gone missing. He tells her that he took Albie to the park and looked away for one moment to realise that Albie was gone. But, will Sharon be able to find Albie?

Linda looking worried on EastEnders
Linda struggles to process Dean’s return (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: The Knights support Linda

This week, Linda got a Halloween fright when Dean Wicks came face to face with her once more at the back of The Vic.

Tonight, The Knights do their best to support Linda. But, can they defend her against Dean?

Rocky speaking to Ravi on EastEnders
Rocky is in a sticky situation (Credit: BBC)

Rocky is in trouble

In the café, Kathy worries when the fuse box blows and she can’t afford to pay someone to fix it.

Soon enough, Nish realises that Rocky has no intention of repaying him soon and has an issue with gambling.

Nish then threatens to tell Kathy the truth about his gambling if he doesn’t pay him back what he owes today. But, can Rocky pay up and get Nish off his case?

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