EastEnders spoilers: Worried Yolande Trueman fears the worst as Denzel Danes lashes out amid worrying obsession

Denzel and Amy face off with Logan in McClunky's in EastEnders
Denzel was targeted by bully Logan (Picture: BBC)

Yolande Trueman’s (Angela Wynter) concerns for family friend Denzel Danes (Jaden Ladega) grow next week in EastEnders as he overworks himself at the gym to defend himself from further bullying.

Last week, Denzel was involved in a cruel attack from a group of school bullies, headed up by fearsome Logan (Liam Hatch) following an after-school altercation in McKlunky’s.

Cornering Denzel and friend Avani Nandra-Hart (Aaliyah James) on Edward Road, the cruel school kids proceeded to repeatedly kick and punch Denzel and record the incident on their phones. As Yolande rushed to halt the commotion, she tripped on her shopping bag and ended up injured herself.

Denzel, Nugget and Amy in McClunky's in EastEnders
Denzel took his anger out on best mate Nugget (Picture: BBC)
Denzel and Yolande in the soup kitchen in EastEnders
Yolande shows concern but is she right to be worried? (Picture: BBC)

After taking his anger out on best friend Nugget Gulati (Juhaim Rasul Choudhury), the lads were encouraged by Nugget’s dad Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) to tackle their emotions better and welcomed them both into the Boxing Den for a training session.

Next week however, with George Knight’s (Colin Salmon) dad Eddie (Christopher Fairbank) back in town, the two men take a walk around the area to try and resolve some of their differences and stumble across Denzel training intensely.

When Avani joins him in the ring, Eddie’s tough approach to Denzel causes him to insult her, with George having to exchange words with the troubled youngster and ensure he makes an apology.

Later that evening, Yolande is overjoyed to hear that Denzel has a new focus, but questions him on why he lashed out at Avani and is worried that his newfound obsession of training twice a day is going to have a negative effect on his good nature.

Is she right to be concerned? Could it be the beginning of a dangerous path for the teen?


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