EastEnders The Six in crisis as they face blackmail horror – but not by Nish

The Six are struggling to cope following the events of Christmas Day and fans think they could be blackmailed by a Walford resident – but it's not who you would think

EastEnders fans have an exposed a blackmail plot concerning The Six, but it doesn’t involve Nish Panesar.

On Christmas Day, Sharon (Letitia Dean), Suki (Balvinder Sopal), Stacey (Lacey Turner), Kathy (Gillian Taylforth), Denise (Diane Fox) and Linda (Kellie Bright) found themselves on the wrong side of the law when two bodies ended up on the floor in The Vic. While Nish (Navin Chowdhry) survived, Keanu (Danny Walters) died from being stabbed by Linda.

The Six hid Keanu’s body under the café and blamed Nish’s attack on him. A critical Nish was taken into hospital and during Tuesday’s episode (January 9), woke up from his coma.

Despite not remembering much, Nish remained angry at Suki. Later, during a visit from Vinny (Shiv Jalota), Nish clenched the blanket on his bed to hold back his fury at Suki leaving him. Fans are certain The Six will be blackmailed for what happened on that fateful night, but not by obvious choice Nish.

Fans think The Six will be blackmailed for their involvement in Keanu's murder
Fans think The Six will be blackmailed for their involvement in Keanu’s murder (Image: BBC)Some have speculated that newly reformed Ravi (Aaron Thiara) could be the one to blackmail the six women. Sharing their thoughts online, one fan wrote: “Ravi is a possibility. If you remember, when they originally went to the hospital with Nish, he said ‘even if he contradicts Suki’s events not to believe him’.
Nish woke up from his coma
Nish woke up from his coma

“Paraphrasing a bit, but that’s the jist. Maybe he knows and either got rid to help them out or to blackmail Denise and Suki at some point in the future.” A second agreed: “Sounds logical, people keep saying Ravi will have a redemption but I don’t buy it. He’s still selfish deep down I could see him blackmailing Suki and the others with Keanu[‘s] body.”

Another echoed: “Someone else saw them move the body. They’re going to be blackmailed by someone, is my guess.” Keanu’s death came after ten months of intense speculation from fans and BBC bosses were keen to keep things under wraps.

Some believe Keanu isn't actually dead
Some believe Keanu isn’t actually dead

As a result, Danny was pictured at Aunt Sal’s funeral which aired after Christmas, to ensure that no suspicion arose. But fans now believe this was a red herring and Keanu isn’t actually dead.

On an EastEnders fan Facebook page, one viewer mused: “Who thinks Sharon will meet keanu at the airport? maybe that’s what them airport pictures was.” Someone else agreed: “He’s not dead. My opinion is he meets Sharon and they go to Spain to Karen. Because why hasn’t Karen come back especially now she’s out of the clear?”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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