EastEnders Stacey’s fate ‘sealed’ as fans fear Theo will get his revenge over attack

Avid EastEnders fans believe there is a sinister plot twist in store for Stacey Slater following Freddie’s attack on stalker Theo – and his subsequent arrest.

In Thursday’s episode, a visibly shaken Stacey was confronted by mum Jean after she lied in her police statement. The mother told police Theo was holding a wrench – although he was unarmed when he assaulted her. It had been Stacey and pal Eve Unwin’s plan to plant a weapon in the scene in an attempt to save Freddie from going to prison.

In the earlier episodes, the teacher cornered Stacey in her kitchen after he broke into her home – leading fans to believe he had planned to rape her. Moments later, Freddie, witnessing the attack, whacked him over the head with an iron before punching him repeatedly – with Theo left lifeless on the ground

Stacey was left traumatised after Theo attacked her in her kitchen 



After the confrontation, Freddie was arrested for attempted murder – but was later released on bail while Theo remained in hospital. The same day, Stacey received good news from the police, who told her she had been granted an Interim Stalking Protection Order.

Later, Freddie shared his worry with nan Jean, as he believed the incident had turned him into “a monster” like his father. Jean then suggested it might be better for Freddie to go and live with his mum Little Mo to avoid gossip from their neigbours. Freddie agrees eventually, emotionally hugging his friends and family before piling into a taxi to go stay with Little Mo.

But tragically, for Freddie, Stacey, and Jean, there’s more drama to unfold with Theo waking and giving police a statement that doesn’t match Stacey’s. Fans of the show are also convinced Theo has his mind set on returning to Walford to harass Stacey once again. Theo previously sent chilling text messages to Stacey and used to watch over the mother.

One fan said: “Stacey saying its over, it’s not. Theos only just begun from what’s coming up.” Another person added: “Theo has a restraining order on him to not come near Stacey again. I have a feeling that won’t be end of the matter.”

A third person commented: “Theo’s definitely coming back and Stacey’s definitely taking some time off. If she doesn’t go to prison, she tends to go on the run and pretends she knows how to cut hair! #EastEnders”

Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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