EastEnders star Brian Conley stunned as he’s told to ‘f*** off’ by co-star before exit

EXCLUSIVE: EastEnders actor Brian Conley recently announced his exit from the BBC soap and on-screen wife Gillian Taylforth revealed he was once sworn at by a former co-star

EastEnders star Brian Conley was once told to “f*** off” by a former co-star.

The actor, 62, announced he had quit the role of Rocky Cotton in September and has already filmed his final scenes for the BBC soap. Earlier this year, Rocky found himself locked in a surprising custody battle with ex-wife Jo (Vicki Michelle) over their parrot, Jasper.

Rocky’s partner Kathy Beale, played by Gillian Taylforth, eventually paid Jo £600 and she was able to bring the parrot to Walford. But things didn’t always go to plan behind the scenes with the bird.

Gillian, 68, sat down for a Q&A to discuss the highly-anticipated Christmas episode alongside Diane Paris, Kellie Bright, Lacey Turner and Letitia Dean. The five stars were also joined by executive producer Chris Clenshaw, while Balvinder Sopal was unable to attend.

Brian Conley announced his exit from the soap in September
Brian Conley announced his exit from the soap in September (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)The actress, who made her debut as Kathy during the soap’s first episode in 1985, reflected on the past year and opened up about her favourite scenes. This involved on-screen hubby Brian and his parrot.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star and other press, Gillian recalled: “When we filmed with Jasper the Parrot, the minder came in and said ‘He doesn’t swear. You’re fine.’ So Brian went up to him and said, ‘Hello Oscar’.

Brian was sworn at by Jasper the parrot, real name Oscar
Brian was sworn at by Jasper the parrot, real name Oscar (Image: BBC)

She continued: “And I’m not a swearer, they’ll tell you I’m not a swearer but he turned to Brian and went, ‘f*** off you w****r.’ I could not stop laughing! Then Brian turned around and was like, ‘He just called me a w****r!” It was the funniest thing and the poor director was asking if we could get some order in there.”

In November, Rocky tampered with the electrics in the café, hoping to burn the building down and claim insurance. But things didn’t go to plan when the out of control blaze almost claimed the lives of Kathy’s grandchildren, Peter (Thomas Law) and Bobby (Clay Milner Russel).

Gillian Taylforth said there will be "upsetting scenes" between Kathy and Rocky
Gillian Taylforth said there will be “upsetting scenes” between Kathy and Rocky (Image: BBC)

After discovering Rocky was behind the fire, Kathy abruptly ending their marriage. The soap star opened up on the internal battle Kathy is facing as despite everything, she still has a deep love for her partner. “She still does love him,” Gillian declared. “There’s that awful thing between love and hate because she hates what he’s done, but deep down she still really loves him”.

Rocky will exit at some point in the New Year, and it’s likely the rift between him and Kathy will lead to his departure. Gillian said: “Things will happen with Rocky and it’s going to be very upsetting. I’m very sad Brian Conley’s left, he’s lovely and he was so lovely to work with.”

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