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Karen Taylor takes big step in revenge plan for Sharon Watts in EastEnders

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AS her son struggles to find a way to be involved in his children’s lives, Karen Taylor has decided to step in to help.

The EastEnders favourite takes a huge step forward in her devious plan against Sharon Watts next week.

Keanu is desperate to be involved in his children's lives

Keanu is desperate to be involved in his children’s livesCredit: BBC
She takes a big step in their plan for revenge

She takes a big step in their plan for revengeCredit: BBC
And Zack, Sharon's brother, is involved

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And Zack, Sharon’s brother, is involvedCredit: BBC

Sharon (portrayed by soap legend Letitia Dean) recently shared her thoughts about a big move to Abu Dhabi.

Alarmed, her former fiancé Keanu (Danny Walters) knew this would mean he would only rarely see his son Albie and after losing access to his daughter Peggy, the hunk decided to step in.

His mother, Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) hatched a plan to help him – dupe Sharon into marrying him, find a way to get onto Albie’s birth certificate before snatching both the tot and her cash away and leaving her in the dust.

Keanu has been working hard to seduce Sharon again and the blonde bombshell is none the wiser.

Next week on BBC One, Karen takes further action to help her plan run smoothly.

The launderette manager eyes a smitten Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and Zack Hudson (James Farrar) as they excitedly prepare for the next stage of their fostering process.

She later tries to pull on Zack’s heart string in an attempt to help get Keanu access to Albie.

And her efforts are not in vain – Keanu and Zack later have an emotional conversation and the chef reasons that the hunk is a good father.

He later manages to persuade his sister Sharon to put Keanu’s name on Albie’s birth certificate.

But things take an unfortunate turn in later scenes when Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) bumps into Keanu and the pair almost fight, completely unaware that Sharon is watching.

This altercation is enough for Sharon to change her mind about Keanu.

Later on, Sharon drops a bombshell and decides against making Keanu Albie’s legal guardian following his altercation with Jay.

How will Keanu react to Sharon’s decision?

While this remains to be seen, soap viewers believe Keanu is in danger and could even be the mystery corpse that is due to be found in the Vic at Christmas.

What will Karen do and how will she try to help Keanu again?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Keanu continues to try and get Sharon's attention

Keanu continues to try and get Sharon’s attentionCredit: BBC
But will she really allow him access to Albie?

But will she really allow him access to Albie?Credit: BBC

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