EastEnders star confirms character return as shocking story continues

George Knight in the pub in EastEnders with his arms around parents Eddie Knight and Gloria Knight
Elizabeth Counsell has been pictured in the EastEnders green room (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Earlier this month, EastEnders viewers were introduced to two new guest characters – Eddie and Gloria Knight (Christopher Fairbank and Elizabeth Counsell).

The characters were revealed to be the parents of George Knight (Colin Salmon), and arrived as part of a new storyline for the pub landlord, which saw him discover that he had been adopted after a process known as child farming.

In emotional scenes, George confronted mum Gloria about his heritage, and Gloria admitted that she had lied to him about where his parents really came from.

Gloria eventually admitted that she had lied about them being from Jamaica, explaining that they had actually moved to the UK from Ghana. She went on to reveal how she and Eddie had ended up adopting George after losing touch with his real parents during their fostering arrangement.

George was relieved to finally have answers, though it soon became clear that Eddie and Gloria were still hiding something.

The characters left the Square shrouded in mystery, with their secret firmly hidden, though Gloria may be set to return sooner rather than later.

In a recent Instagram post, Elaine Peacock actress Harriet Thorpe shared a sweet selfie from the EastEnders green room alongside some of her co-stars – including Elizabeth Counsell.

In the picture, Harriet and Elizabeth were joined by Jean Slater actress Gillian Wright and Angela Wynter, who plays Yolande Trueman.

In the caption, Harriet referred to them as ‘wonderful women’ who are always ‘there for each other’.

Fans rushed to the comments to share their thoughts, particularly over Elizabeth Counsell’s apparent return to the show.

‘Glad to see Gloria will be returning. Absolutely loved her appearances so far and the wonderful Elizabeth Counsell! The rest of you are wonderful too and that goes without saying,’ one fan wrote.

‘Glad Gloria is returning I really liked her she’s great,’ another said, while a third penned: ‘Love this! Having Elizabeth Counsell in EastEnders is amazing!! Such a fabulous actress. I loved her in Brush Strokes, and you in The Brittas Empire.’

Co-star Clair Norris, who plays Bernie Taylor in the BBC soap, was also a fan of the picture, saying: ‘Fabulous Ladies.’

As Gloria returns to Walford, could their big secret be set to come out?

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