EastEnders teases more trouble for George Knight with hidden secrets

What else are Gloria and Eddie hiding?

EastEnders' Eddie and Gloria talk to each other in the Queen Vic

George Knight (played by Colin Salmon) has been at the centre of drama on EastEnders this week after discovering the truth about his heritage.

His parents, Gloria (Elizabeth Counsell) and Eddie (Christopher Fairbank), arrived in the New Year wanting to tell him somewhat of the truth about how they came to adopt him.

It became apparent that George was farmed as a child, and Gloria and Eddie were paid to take him in and look after him.

But the secrets kept coming, with Gloria and Eddie conceding he wasn’t Jamaican, as he originally thought, he was actually Ghanian.

EastEnders' Colin Salmon sat down on a sofa. His fingers are intertwined. He looks concerned.
EastEnders’ Colin Salmon.

After a meal with the family all together – including Miss Trouble herself, Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) – the truth was all out, with Gloria insisting she loved her son regardless of how she came to adopt him.

A teary goodbye later, George and Elaine (Harriet Thorpe) resolved to move forwards with their lives as they sent Gloria and Eddie away to their cab.

But it became clear there’s still more to emerge in the storyline when Eddie quizzed his wife about what she told him.

Gloria reassured him she only told George “what they’d agreed”, before wondering if they should tell him more.

Eddie was firm, insisting they should stick to their plan.

What else are they hiding from George?

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