EastEnders: The Six’s deadly secret under threat from unexpected source

Someone is putting the pieces together…

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EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders has teased that Rocky Cotton is close to discovering The Six’s deadly secret.

On Christmas Day (December 25), Linda Carter killed Keanu Taylor as he tried to strangle Sharon Watts — all while Nish Panesar was near death in the front room of the Vic after Denise Fox hit him with a bottle.

The Six — Linda, Sharon, Denise, Stacey Slater, Kathy Cotton and Suki Kaur Panesar — subsequently agreed to cover up Keanu’s death and moved his body under the floorboards of Kathy’s Café.

brian conley as rocky cotton in eastenders

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While the six ladies thought they’d been undetected, a drunken Rocky Cotton spotted Sharon in her wedding dress outside the café shortly after Keanu’s body was moved.

In Wednesday’s (December 27) episode, The Six each gave statements to the police to frame Keanu for Nish’s attack. They claimed that shortly after Keanu attacked Nish, he fled the Square.

There was tension within the group after they’d all lied to the police, with Kathy refusing to take a cab back to Walford with the other women.

“I’ll make my own way back,” she insisted as she walked away from the others.

balvinder sopal as suki kaur panesar in eastenders


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As Suki had her turn to be interrogated, she was shocked when the detective questioned her about her affair with Eve and whether it came up during the Vic row.

“It was unrelated. None of this is even relevant,” Suki told the detective.

Suki then admitted: “It’s not an affair, and it wasn’t news to my husband. Eve and I are in love.”

She met up in secret with Eve at the Minute Mart, revealing that she’d been outed to the police and was now a suspect in Nish’s attack.

eastenders, linda carter and sharon watts

Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron//BBC

Back in Walford, a now-sober Rocky stood outside the burned-out café trying to piece together his memories from the previous night. He visited Kathy at home to vow he’d do anything to “help” catch Keanu.

The police eventually gathered The Six at the Vic where the detective admitted they now knew that Sharon hadn’t told them about Keanu’s paternity revelation.

Sharon managed to cover up for the others by telling the police she’d wanted to be the one to tell them about the paternity since it was a private matter. The detective warned The Six that they needed to share any and all information about where Keanu might be.

Kathy was shaken as she left The Vic, only to be confronted by Rocky revealing he now remembered after seeing Sharon walk by the café earlier.

“I saw Sharon… I think she must be helping Keanu. She was standing outside the café in her wedding dress,” Rocky told a panicked Kathy, adding: “I think she’s hiding something in there!”

brian conley as rocky cotton and gillian taylforth as kathy beale in eastenders


Rocky promised to “find out” what Sharon was up to, leaving Kathy horrified that he may discover Keanu’s corpse. Will The Six’s deadly secret be exposed?

EastEnders airs on Mondays – Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer, where most episodes drop early at 6am ahead of their TV broadcast.

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