EastEnders to revisit Jack and Stacey affair as they betray Denise again

Not again...

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders is set to revisit Jack Branning and Stacey Slater’s affair as they betray Denise once again.

After becoming close during Eve’s disappearance, Jack enjoyed a passionate one-night stand with Stacey before Christmas, as his marriage to Denise was on the rocks.

The revelation ended up sending Denise on a downward spiral and her involvement in The Six’s Christmas Day murder has made things even worse and driven a further wedge between them.

In upcoming scenes, things will get worse for Denise as Jack once again betrays her just as she hits a low point.

Stacey will pressure Suki to get her divorce deal with Nish done so the café is safe from him.

But, when Suki goes to see Nish, he asks some inconvenient questions about Christmas night, forcing her to twist it around to put him off the scent.

Nish gets more suspicious thanks to an off-hand comment from Kat Mitchell about Stacey’s past, so he breaks into the Slater house to get some answers.

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A terrified Stacey is cornered by the villain, before Jack interrupts them and orders Nish out. This fraught moment only ignites Jack and Stacey’s passion as they once agin share a kiss.

A guilt-ridden Jack makes a swift exit from the Slaters’ house as he struggles with betraying his estranged wife once again.

When Jack attends a party at the Slaters’ house, Stacey takes him aside to ask about Denise in hushed tones.

At the same time, Amy tries to soothe Denise when she hears her stepmother crying out in her sleep — unaware that Denise has been harbouring a dark secret of her own.

Will Denise find out about his second betrayal?

EastEnders airs on Mondays – Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One. The show also streams on BBC iPlayer, where most episodes drop early at 6am ahead of their TV broadcast.

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