EastEnders viewers all say same thing as they threaten to ‘switch off’ BBC One soap

EastEnders fans were threatening to switch off from Tuesday’s episode (October 10) after dubbing it one of the most “boring episode’s ever”.

The show has recently been bombarded by some major storylines, including Stacey Slater being stalked by Theo, Suki’s discovery that Ravi murdered Ranveer and Phil Mitchell almost getting outed for his steamy affair with Emma.

But fans have noticed the major downturn in the drama stakes – with both last night and tonight’s episode being dubbed “boring” and leaving some fans “yawning.”

“Has this gotten boring or is it just the comedown from last week?”asked one fan.

“Jesus Christ what a boring week so far/ever??,” a second penned.

EastEnders fans were threatening to switch off from Tuesday’s episode after dubbing it one of the most “boring episode’s ever” (Image: BBC)A third agreed: “This is so Boring might just go to bed,” accompanied by a gif of someone laying down and yawning. Fans saw Ben and Callum relieved that Jay had stayed the night at home, and Lexi had excitedly arranged a pizza and movie night. However, Jay had still been struggling to cope, and Callum had caught him going to Nadine’s place.
Sharon was seen flirting with Dorian (Image: BBC)

Jay had tried to make excuses but had accidentally dropped the bag of ketamine, and Callum had been horrified to realize he was on drugs. Jay later made an excuse to head off to see Nadine and get drugs but Callum had secretly called the police, who had swooped in to arrest Jay.

Keanu had been less than impressed to see Dorian give Sharon flowers and a kiss on the cheek. He had decided to take Albie out for the day without running it by her, and Karen had taken great delight in refusing to tell Sharon where they had gone.

Ravi had returned from another night of searching for Nugget (Image: BBC)

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Later, Sharon had stormed over and had threatened to call the police if Keanu and Albie didn’t return soon. Keanu had arrived back in the nick of time, and a big row had ensued as Sharon had demanded to know where they had been.

Ravi had returned from another night of searching and had gotten a text from Nugget to say he was safe. Vinny had suggested the police might be able to track Nugget’s location, so he had gone to them. However, Ravi had been gutted when the police had suggested this could be a hoax and had believed he was back to square one.

Harvey had been worried to see Rocky heading to the bookies again and had confronted him. Rocky had laughed it off and had told him it was just a bit of fun, but later, he had sneaked back to place a £100 bet.

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