EastEnders viewers blast ‘ridiculous’ recovery after devastating fire destroys Kathy Beale’s café

The fate of three characters were confirmed and one of them remains at death's door.

KATHY Beale was devastated when her café was engulfed by a huge fire, leaving her two grandsons in hospital.

But as their fates were finally confirmed on Monday, EastEnders viewers have pointed out a massive blunder.

Three characters were injured in the café fire
Three characters were injured in the café fireCredit: BBC ONE
Peter Beale is in intensive care after facing the café fire
Peter Beale is in intensive care after facing the café fireCredit: BBC One
But his brother Bobby strangely managed to survive an explosion and viewers are in disbelief
But his brother Bobby strangely managed to survive an explosion and viewers are in disbeliefCredit: BBC One

Rocky Cotton (portrayed by Brian Conley) set fire to is wife Kathy’s café last week in an attempt to get his cash-grabbing hands on the insurance money to pay off his debts as his gambling worsens.

While he carefully planned his stunt by fiddling with the electrics, the con man hadn’t imagined that the fire would leave Kathy’s two grandsons, Bobby and Peter, needing urgent medical care.

In a shock twist, Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) bravely rushed into the café to try and stop the fire – but he accidentally made it worse and caused an explosion.

After learning that his brother was trapped in the blaze, Peter Beale (Thomas Law) took it upon himself to save him with Rocky in tow.

All three men were brought to hospital later on with Peter being sent to intensive care.

Last night’s (Monday, November 13, 2023) instalment of the BBC One soap confirmed that Rocky was in the clear and able to leave hospital.

Meanwhile, Bobby was looking unwell as his father Ian (Adam Woodyatt) and his wife Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) paid him a visit, but he still managed to give Ian a hug.

Peter, on the other hand, wasn’t as lucky as Bobby and Rocky as he remained comatose, surrounded by cables and on a ventilator.

Among the many relieved fans were a handful of sceptics who took to Reddit to share their thoughts, believing Bobby’s speedy recovery was anything but realistic.

“Bobby escaping with tiny knock on his head and Peter in a life threatening coma is absolute BS”, one viewer commented.

Another echoed: “In the real world, Bobby would be dead. No one is surviving that explosion”, as another shared: “Even if they did, with that minimal of an injury is ridiculous.”

“The way Bobby just jumped up today and was like ‘Daaad’.. All chipper and ready to roll with a tiny chicken scratch on his head!? Come on!”, a fourth wrote.

“Bobby had just tripped the switch then the window beside him shattered with flames coming out right where he was standing. How he got to the other side of the café is beyond me”, another chimed in.

“This is the same Bobby Beale that managed to kill his older and larger sister with one throw of a dinky little music box as a tiny little ten-year old. Clearly he’s made of stronger stuff than we give him credit for”, one viewer quipped.

But while Bobby is seemingly on the mend, fans of the London-based program are expecting Cindy Beale to spiral out of control as her son Peter’s fate hangs in the balance.

And it seems Cindy’s revenge plot has begun as she blamed Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) for the café fire and got her arrested.

However, Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) knows his pal Rocky is the real culprit after he tried to convince him not to go through with his plan.

Could he urge Rocky to come clean?

Or will he grass on Rocky himself?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

Cindy blamed Kathy for the fire
Cindy blamed Kathy for the fireCredit: BBC ONE
And she managed to get her arrested
And she managed to get her arrestedCredit: BBC ONE
Source: https://edition.cnn.com/

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