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EastEnders viewers share same complaint as Eve left for dead after brutal Nish attack

EastEnders viewers are slamming some major inconsistencies in the latest bombshell storyline as Nish Panesar finally discovers wife Suki’s affair with lover Eve Unwin

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EastEnders fans are sharing the same complaint as Nish Panesar violently assaults Eve Unwin in violent scenes.

The epic episode showed an unhinged Nish smash up The Minute Mart in a fit of rage and headed to No.41 before he was stopped by Ravi, who took him to Walford East to clean up. Nish revealed all to Ravi and headed back home, determined to find out the truth.

He stole Suki’s phone to text Eve, asking to meet at Walford East. Eve was shocked to be greeted by Nish, and after a furious argument, she revealed all about her and Suki’s romance and their plan to run away together.


Nish was able to open Suki’s phone (Image: BBC)

Eve made to leave, but a furious Nish lashed out and when Ravi walked in he asked him to “finish her off”. But fans were slamming certain parts of the episode after spotted several flaws in the plot.

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Many questioned how Nish was able to get into Suki’s phone without a password – something everyone has, and especially if you’re having an affair. “Sorry but who has an affair and doesn’t have a password and a fake name for said person,” blasted one fan.

Eve was attacked by Nish (Image: BBC)

Another penned: “How can you be having an affair without a password on your phone?” A third echoed: “Honestly now Suki behaves like a dunce why would you leave your phone just laying around with no password like are you dumb ?”

Others claimed that Suki was totally careless in smooching with Eve and not deleting the CCTV footage. “Suki & Eve are astonishingly bad at covering their tracks. Kissing in front of a CCTV camera, leaving their phones with no passwords hanging around???” questioned one fan.

Suki is none the wiser (Image: BBC)

Another chimed in: “Wait, what happened to Suki immediately deleting any potentially incriminating texts? Forgetting the CCTV in the shop, was one thing. Suki’s normally way smarter than this, so WTF happened seriously?” Elsewhere, Suki waited for Eve, but she was a no-show, unaware that Nish knew all about their affair and had an unconscious Eve captive.

Other scenes showed Jack comforted a drunken Stacey after she tearfully confessed her fears about Theo. Jack took Stacey back to No.27 to sober up, where Sam, who was temporarily living there, told Jack about her dislike of the Slaters.

Once alone, Jack was shocked when Stacey admitted that she had planted the wrench on Theo to cover up Freddie’s actions and make it look like Theo had tried to attack her.

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