Emmerdale snaps up EastEnders star for major new villain role – and he’s hiding a dark secret

EMMERDALE bosses have cast an EastEnders star to take on the exciting new role of Jai and Suni’s father, Amit.

Soap viewers will recognise the star behind the role after actor Anil Goutam popped up in EastEnders last year.

EastEnders star Anil Goutam has headed to the Dales for his new role

EastEnders star Anil Goutam has headed to the Dales for his new roleCredit: ITV

He will play Suni's father and connect with 'secret' son Jai

He will play Suni’s father and connect with ‘secret’ son JaiCredit: ITV

He enjoyed a brief stint as Ranveer Gulati, where he played the presumed father of notorious show villain Ravi.

Having been killed off by his own ‘son’, actor Anil has now left behind the big city of London to head for the Dales on the ITV soap opera.

However, life in the country could be about to prove just as tough after the actor teased that his character is gearing up to be one of Emmerdale’s most notorious villains yet.

Having discovered they are actually brothers following a DNA bombshell, Jay and Suni’s relationship has been tested.

Now, Amit is keen to put things right with his sons and bring the family close together once again.

Speaking to The Sun and other media, Anil said: “I’m really pleased with how it’s been written, because there are lots of complexities in this guy.

“Emmerdale allowed me that freedom and they spent time talking to me – the show’s producer Laura Shaw spoke to me about the character and asked what my thoughts on him were as well.

“Amit has a darker side to him, but not in his own mind! In his own mind, Amit does what he does to protect his family – but it’s a question of what he thinks is the right thing.

“I think he can convince himself of pretty much anything being the right thing to protect them.”

He went onto spill the details of his exisiting relationship with Suni and how his reluctance to take over the family’s business has impacted their bond.

Anil added: “Amit thinks that Suni should have been the right-hand man in the business. He should be the person who takes over, but he hasn’t wanted to do any of that.

“Amit is comfortable with Suni being gay.

“He may give the impression that he’s not the sort of person who is comfortable with it, but he is. It just bugs him that, given all the advantages Suni has, he’s decided to be a chef.

“To be fair to Suni, he wants to live his own life but that’s not something Amit can easily let happen because then things drift out of control.

“I’d say it is a controlling relationship, but underneath that, Amit needs to look out for Suni and protect him.”


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