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Emmerdale star teases ‘shocking’ crash fallout as victim revealed to villagers

Emmerdale cast members spilled all on the aftermath of the deadly car crash on the ITV soap, with two characters' fates yet to be confirmed amid death fears

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Emmerdale stars Emma Atkins, Lawrence Robb and Jessie Elland have teased the fallout to the deadly scenes that aired on the ITV soap on Tuesday night, following a car crash.

The trio take centre stage during super soap week as a terrifying cliff-top car crash leaves Charity Dingle, Mackenzie Boyd and Chloe Harris in grave danger. Their fates are yet to be confirmed, but on Tuesday night we saw the car plunge to the ground below with one of the characters seemingly still inside.

Mack was forced to choose who to save first out of fiancée Chloe and ex-wife Charity. Now, the stars have teased to The Mirror and other press all about what comes next. They hinted at the immediate aftermath of the crash, and how the village will react to what has happened.

Emmerdale stars Emma Atkins, Lawrence Robb and Jessie Elland have revealed all on deadly scenes

Emmerdale star Emma Atkins has revealed all on the fallout to the deadly scenes 



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Revealing the village would be left in shock over who goes off the cliff in the car, Emma said: “I think regardless of who’s gone over, I think the village naturally will be in shock and, you know, concerned. There’s a lot of concern and worry and care for those that were involved.”

It comes as actor Ash Palmisciano teased the fallout to the big stunt week. Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, the Matty Barton star teased: “There’s a big accident in the village with Mackenzie and Chloe, there’s a big car crash. It’s not as straight forward as you think, there’s hidden things that have gone on. There’s things that happen after the accident which does unfortunately impact Matty and Amy’s relationship, but I can confirm they are very strong and they come together.

“Matty’s mother Moira is very family orientated, she bullies Matty into sticking by his family. However, it’s his fiancée so he’s stuck with what to do, as he finds out some information and he’s not sure whether to tell his family or stick by his partner so that’s been fun to do.”

Teasing what could happen – and that there may be more than three involved, he added: “It’s gonna impact the village hugely and I’m not just saying this, we’ve got Christmas on the way and we’re starting to film that now. Something happens after the crash that you will never expect, a character who is potentially not involved at the moment gets involved and so much stuff happens, there’s some fan favourites involved in this story and at Christmas it’s gonna be big.”

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