Emmerdale’s Amit star played villain on rival soap just months before Dales debut

Anil Goutam is currently starring as Emmerdale’s latest newcomer Amit Sharma, but fans may recognize the star from BBC soap EastEnders, where he recently played a major character

Actor Anil Goutam recently made his long-awaited entrance into the world of Emmerdale, debuting as Amit Sharma during scenes last week on ITV.

The stage was set for a dramatic family reunion as Amit steps foot into the village to confront his two sons, Jai and Suni. But some eagle-eyed fans may recognize Anil from another big soap.

Anil left his mark on a major rival soap when he appeared on EastEnders as Ranveer Gulati. Ranveer was initially believed to be Ravi Gulati’s father, but a startling revelation turned the tables, revealing that Nish was Ravi’s biological father.

emmerdale, eastenders

Emmerdale Amit Sharma’s played villain Uncle Ranveer on EastEnders (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Raised by Ranveer, Ravi endured an abusive upbringing, and Ranveer’s dark side was prominently on display. He attempted to manipulate Suki Panesar into a compromising situation, using promises of a business partnership. Suki, however, outsmarted him by recording their conversation, forcing Ranveer into signing the business papers under threat of video exposure.

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The situation escalated as Ranveer attempted a heinous act against Suki, leading her to defend herself with a clock. Believing him dead, Rabi stepped in and finished him off – putting Ranveer’s lifeless body in a suitcase.

emmerdale, eastenders
Ranveer attempted a heinous act against Suki (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

In addition to his memorable stint on EastEnders, Anil has graced the screens of various other television shows. His talents have been showcased in series such as Casualty, Angela Black, The Bisexual, and Silent Witness. Furthermore, his acting prowess has not been limited to drama alone, as he has made appearances in comedies like Citizen Khan and The Witchfinder.

With Anil Goutam’s arrival as Amit Sharma in Emmerdale, fans can expect a captivating storyline filled with twists, tensions, and the unveiling of a well-guarded secret.

emmerdale, eastenders
He takes on the role of Suni and Jai’s estranged father, Amit Sharma, in Emmerdale

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He takes on the role of Suni and Jai’s estranged father, Amit Sharma. This revelation shatters Jai’s long-standing belief that his father was Rishi Sharma, only to discover that Rishi had adopted him and wasn’t his biological father. Instead, Amit is revealed to be the true biological father of both Jai and Suni, transforming their cousin relationship into that of brothers.

As Suni grapples with the truth about their family dynamic, Amit makes a surprise appearance at The Hide to reconnect with his sons.

In an interview with Entertainment Daily! and other media outlets, the actor spoke about his new role, saying: “Amit sees something of himself in Jai,” hinting at a complex and potentially strained relationship between the trio. Moreover, Amit harbors a mysterious secret, one that he seems determined to keep hidden.

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