Entertainment Daily Awards 2023: Vote for your favourite Soap Villain

Serial killer Stephen or manipulator Cindy, you decide!

Entertainment Daily Awards 2023: Best Soap Villain featured image

The Entertainment Daily Awards are back for 2023 and today we want your votes for another soap category!

So, soap fans, let us know: who will be voted your baddest, maddest Soap Villain of the year?

From a serial killer to a manipulator to an underhand dodgy dealer, the soaps have got some of the nastiest characters on television. But who’s the worst?

ED Awards: Best Soap Villain, Stephen Reid
Does the serial killer top the poll? (Credit: ITV/Comp ED!)

Who is nominated for best Soap Villain in 2023?

We have nominees from Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders. For Corrie, serial killer Stephen Reid leads the pack. He met his comeuppance last month when Peter Barlow mowed him down, but will you bring him back to win this award?

Way back at the start of the year, Justin Rutherford threw acid at Daisy Midgeley, who was saved by Ryan Connor. The repercussions have been felt throughout the cobbles ever since making Justin a true villain.

Finishing off the Corrie trio is Damon Hay. He caused trouble for just about everyone in Weatherfield – and he’s on his way back to do it again!

Entertainment Daily Awards 2023: Theo Hawthorne for best soap villain
Theo is creepy! (Credit: BBC/Comp ED!)

EastEnders’ nominees

In EastEnders, Ravi Gulati and his dad Nish Panesar are both dastardly and dodgy, but are they worse than Cindy Beale?

The returning queen bitch has comeback from the dead and done nothing but cause trouble since she arrived. And chances are, she’s not done yet.

What about Theo Hawthorne? Stacey’s stalker turned attempted rapist faces court next week. But will he go down for what he did? And will he be taking the Entertainment Daily Award 2023 for Soap Villain with him?

Best Soap villain ED Awards, Aaron Dingle
Why has Aaron returned exactly? (Credit: ITV/Comp ED!)

Who’s up for Emmerdale?

He might not be a villain in the typically evil sense, but arguably Emmerdale‘s Mackenzie Boyd is the worst man in soap right now. Playing Charity and Chloe off against each other, pretending he’s Mr Nice Guy and just really confused – none of it washes with us!

Meanwhile, Harry tried to kill Chas! And he beat Caleb to a pulp! He’s obviously some big deal gangster so he’s definitely what you’d define as evil.

Finally returning Aaron Dingle has made no friends since his comeback. He’s moody, mardy and frankly a waste of space. But is he a villain?

Vote in the Entertainment Daily Awards 2023 now!

It takes two minutes to vote in the full Entertainment Daily Awards 2023 – just click the link! Then you can also choose your favourite drama, entertainment and other soap moments too! Or just go and vote for your standout Soap Villain here!

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